Far East Traveller Reviews

Here are some reviews from our past travellers to the Far East. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

What an amazing jam packed tour of China. From tasting some local food, visiting the Terracotta Warriors, and walking the Great Wall twice this tour is suitable for everyone. A well paced tour with 2 expert local guides we were in good hands during the tour. Lisa organised everything perfectly in Beijing, from being collected by the bus at every point, and organising the group at Beijing Train Station, her level of professionalism was first class. As we left the tour group in Xian, we would like to thank the local guide Andrew, who surprisingly arrived to meet us at 3am to travel with us to Xian Airport and assist with us checking in for our flights to Vietnam. Great work.”  

Susanne Furnell Tews • Submitted 29 Apr 2019
Gate of Heavenly Peace in Beijing - China Tours - On The Go Tours
China Express
6 days Day | Group Tours

This tour was full on with so much to see. Seeing the great wall was my biggest wish, and it didn't let me down. It was an awesome sight and although I didn't walk it as much as some, I was happy with what I achieved. I loved the quaintness of the accommodation at Changjuyuan hotel which also gave us great views of the wall and mountains surrounding us.

Many thanks to all the guides, especially Feng who proved to be very professional. And thank you to On The Go Tours for ensuring they cover all areas so that we can get the most out of tours. ”  

Kathleen Langley • Submitted 26 Apr 2019
Longman Grottos from river in Luoyang - China Tours - On The Go Tours
Chinese Checkers
11 days Day | Group Tours

The tour was good, all arrangements worked out well we had a total of 5 tour guides so difficult to comment one guide, all were on time explained the programme for the day with no problems

only comment I would give is the durations of the 4 train trips should be set out in the tour offer the last trip to Shanghai was 8.25 hours !

if I had known I would have taken an aeroplane

All in all a very good trip Many thanks ”  

Gavin McLellan • Submitted 23 Apr 2019
Yangtze-China Tours-On The Go Tours
Classic China & Yangtze Cruise
13 Days Day | Group Tours