Far East Tours in 2020

Visit the charming lands of China, South Korea, Japan and Tibet

Far East Group Tours 2020

Family at Fuahimi Inari Shrine | Japan

Tokyo to Osaka Family Adventure - 12 Days

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SEMI INDEPENDENT TOUR: Take your family on a Japanese adventure! Discover the famous sumo and geisha districts in Tokyo; Sleep in traditional Ryokan in Hakone, feed mischievous monkeys in Kyoto’s monkey park, uncover the tragic history of Hiroshima before exploring Osaka Japan’s second city with an evening visit to one of the biggest video arcades! This enchanting tour offers experiences for all ages.

Upcoming 2020 Dates
5th Mar 2020
USD $ 2595
21st May 2020
USD $ 2595
8th Oct 2020
USD $ 2595
Cherry Blossom Festival | Japan

Cherry Blossom Festival - 13 days

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Escorted Group Tour: See Japan in 2019! Take in the highlights of Japan, visit some of the nation's most beautiful gardens with cherry blossom in full bloom, and witness the famous Spring Geisha Dance in Kyoto on this special departure.

Upcoming 2020 Dates
28th Mar 2020
USD $ 7395
31st Mar 2020
USD $ 7395
Kiyomizu Dera Temple Kyoto - Japan Tours

Japan Explorer - 13 Days

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SEMI INDEPENDENT: Embark on a journey from the neon-lit ultra-modern Tokyo to the culinary capital Osaka; learn how to make authentic cuisine in Tokyo, marvel at the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura, admire the stunning scenery of Mt Fuji from Hakone NP, enjoy authentic local traditions and ancient temples in Kyoto and uncover Hiroshima’s harrowing history in this 13-day group tour.

Upcoming 2020 Dates
17th Feb 2020
USD $ 2295
24th Feb 2020
USD $ 2295
2nd Mar 2020
USD $ 2295
Osaka Castle | Japan

Epic Japan Adventure - 19 Days

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SEMI INDEPENDENT: Explore Japans ancient cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes. From the organised chaos of Tokyo, continue to the birthplace of Japans first shoguns, discover your inner zen with a meditation lesson in Kyoto, visit the enchanting Miyajima island, rest your head in a traditional Buddhist lodging on Mt Koya and traditional farmhouse lodgings in Ogimachi and hike through the dramatic scenery of Mt Tateyama in the alps.

Upcoming 2020 Dates
29th Jun 2020
USD $ 4175