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Mido Alam is an incredible group leader. He is knowledgeable about Egypt’s ancient history and current culture, seamlessly takes care of the logistics and red tape for his clients, responds to individual requests, and makes it comfortable for his clients to contact him 24/7. He bonded with the 12 of us, and then when another group of 11 more were added, he worked tirelessly, with their needs as well. He orchestrated various side trips for small groups within the larger ones, making it clear what all the options entailed. He met with everyone at their final moment with the group, regardless of how late or early their individual departures. It was remarkable how much he made each individual feel special, while listening and responding to the needs of the group as a whole. He has the energy, flexibility, and breadth of skills of a super hero. I was dubious about taking a group tour; I only did so because I had been warned about Egypt’s safety. But Alam’s quiet, competent care made me feel safe, the ease of travel he provided was an indulgence, and the mini lectures and discussions on the bus were more fun and informative than had I been on my own. Thank you Alam, for an amazing experience of Egypt!”  

Michael Reed • Submitted 10 Jan 2017
Festive Road to Jordan
15 days Day | XMAS and New Year Tours

I have recently returned from my holiday in Egypt with On the go Tours. I feel compelled to let your company know that l loved every minute of my time in Egypt and felt so safe the entire time. I intended on just visiting the ancient sites however I have come away with so much more, I loved the culture and talking with the people who live there. Our tour guide Mido Alam was so informative and made the experience so much richer for sharing his knowledge and his culture. I would recommend to everyone to visit Egypt with On The Go Tours and hope to return soon. Egypt is safe!!!”  

Tanya Turner • Submitted 9 Jan 2017
Luxor by night - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Egypt Unplugged
10 days Day | Group Tours

I did the King Tutankhamen 9 day tour of Egypt in November 2016 with On the Go Tours and words can't explain what an amazing, interesting place Egypt is. The entire trip we felt safe and welcomed and not to mention, were lucky enough to have had the best tour guide Alam, I know I can speak for the whole group when I say this, he was very knowledgeable, patient with a great sense of humour, nothing was ever a bother for him and he always made sure everyone was ok and enjoying themselves. I would definitely recommend On the Go Tours, all itinerary was well planned from the time we arrived at the airport and were taken to our hotel until the time we left. The places and temples we visited were amazing. Sailing down the Nile on the felucca, was a wonderful experience thanks to all the crew who were always happy and friendly.

Overall I loved every minute of the Egypt. We had a great tour group and the best tour guide. We all enjoyed it so much, some of us are planning a return visit in 2018. ”  

Stephanie Vaccarella • Submitted 5 Jan 2017
King Tutankhamun
9 days Day | Group Tours
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