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Our guide Lhab Tshering (LT) and our driver Arjun in Bhutan were exceptional. They both were always extremely helpful and knowledgeable, answering all our questions, guiding us when touring around and very kind and supportive on the very special climb we did to Tigers Nest, I couldn't have done it as well and as easily without his help. LT's daily trips were always very well planned and he and Arjun thought about our every need each and every day, planning what we did to also allow time to wander as well have snacks and drinks along the way, as well as adding in little extra things as the opportunity arose. Rob and I loved our tour in Bhutan and found the country and the people very friendly and helpful, and less crowded and rushed than in Nepal. Our guide in Nepal was Bir, who was also a good guide, and ensured we covered the itinery that had been planned for us to do, however, some days we seemed to have an awful lot to see, with little time to wander around, and with so much to see and do, a break in the middle for a snack or lunch was sometimes a bit later than some of the group would have liked, being around 3 to 4 pm having started the days sightseeing around 9am. To cover all the places we went to meant we had a couple of very long days, 6+ hours, traveling on Nepal's often quite poor and congested road system, the flight back from Pokhara to Kathmandu was a welcome relief.

The tour was actually 2 tours so rating the whole tour as one is difficult,

Bhutan I would give 5 stars for the tour, the tour guide and giving me a true feeling for that country.

Nepal I would give it 4 stars for the tour, because of the days traveling by road, 4 stars for the tour guide as sometimes his organization of the day felt rushed and lacked time for us and 5 stars for giving us a true feel for the country.”  

Patricia Ware • Submitted 28 Nov 2018
Bhutan Prayer flags - Bhutan - On The Go Tours
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Loved all my tours and guides ,was great having your own private guide learnt so much ”  

Roland Meunier • Submitted 27 Nov 2018
Tailor-made Egypt

He was a wonderful guide -- full of pertinent information and humor. He kept us informed and entertained throughout the trip.

In addition, he was very attentive to our needs.

We could not have asked for a better tour guide.”  

Patricia Heilman • Submitted 26 Nov 2018
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