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Our tour guide Bjorn was spectacular. He gave a lot of history of the country as we go from one destination to another.

The scenes and views were breathtaking! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating and I was very disappointed not able to see the Northern Light. ”  

Audrey Wen • Submitted 12 Oct 2016
Land of the Northern Lights
5 days Day | Group Tours

As the name suggests it was 'on the go' all the time!!! We were so pleased with the tour. Our tour guide was great and our travel companions fabulous. The weather was hot and humid, but perfect for staying on the junk boat in picturesque Halong Bay. As you know we have visited many countries around the world, but this trip will be a memorable one for us. Dana & George also had a fabulous time.

Thank you for organising everything for us. ”  

Meera&Jacob • Submitted 11 Oct 2016
Very Vietnam
10 days Day | Group Tours

The trip was absolutely fabulous and met and exceeded all our expectations. The guide was excellent, he was good company and very knowledgeable about the country and people and willing to engage with us in some great discussions. Given it was just my wife and I and the guide it was important that we got on well with him and his presence did not feel intrusive to our holiday but more of a support and guide - he was perfect in all these aspects. We really got off the beaten track and really got to explore the country in depth.”  

Karl Jackson • Submitted 11 Oct 2016
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Tailor Made Namibia
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