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Anna Sharif • Submitted 21 Nov 2016
Full Moon Festival Thailand - Thailand Tours - On The Go Tours
Yi Peng Lantern Festival
10 days Day | Group Tours

Good morning,

I have recently had the very lucky opportunity to spend 12 days in the company of one of (what I can only assume to be) one of your top Egypt guides. I was utterly impressed by the professionalism, expertise, willingness to go the extra mile, and lovely caring nature of Mahmoud Ramadan. As marketing and tourism Professional and academic I am highly critical... but despite this ... Mahmoud impressed and made our trip a great experience and a real delight. He deserves to be recognized by us as exceptionally talented and committed to add value to his clients and On The Go. ”  

Dr. Rouxelle de Villiers • Submitted 21 Nov 2016
Colossi of Memnon in Luxor - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
King Ramses
13 days Day | Group Tours


We would like to vote for Mahmoud Ramadan as tour guide of the year. We had several guides during our tour and Mahmoud was the most knowledgeable, flexible and professional guide during the time of the tour. He is very passionate about his job and deserves this award; and trip to turkey. Please ensure he receives two votes from us.

Kind regards

Sharon and Colin”  

Sharon Clarke and Colin marshall • Submitted 20 Nov 2016
King Tutankhamun
9 days Day | Group Tours
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