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What an amazing tour! Just wanted to take a second to thank On The Go for such an amazing trip. I really did not know what to expect from Egypt other than the pyramids, but have been awakened to so much more. Sincerely thank you for this opportunity !

I also wanted to give some feedback for our tour guide Hytham Youssry. I can say in all honesty that Hyatham is the best tour guide that I have had on a trip yet and I have quite a few tours under my belt with some really great tour leaders. To say that Hytham was attentive would be a gross understatement and to say that Hytham was predictive and responsive when needed would be an understatement, to say that he was knowledgeable, well liked, informative, and sociable would be an understatement. This guy is the real deal!

Hytham from the very start did something that all tour leaders should do but rarely do, which is to provide information on what we should be paying for stuff and how to go about with our negotiations or deal with aggressive vendors. This information is extremely valuable and demonstrates an understanding of what skills and knowledge people will require on their trip. If anyone on this trip needed something then Hytham had a guy that could get it. His recommendations on which optional excursions to do, what to see, and where to eat were always right on and everyone in that group after 2 days had complete trust in him.

THIS is how good he is: One of the girls realized that she had lost her phone at a site that we had left in Aswan and were half way back to our hotel. Hytham jumped on the phone and started calling every tour guide he knew to see if there was anyone that was still there that could take a look. After about 20 minutes of calling friends and friends of friends he found someone that was there and miraculously found the phone half buried in the sand. The girl had already accepted that her phone was gone and she would never get it back, once it was heard that he had found it the whole bus erupted in a cheer and a legend was born! Somehow Hytham had coordinated it and had it brought back to Aswan and minutes before we sailed on the Felucca Hytham and I rode the support boat upriver to meet his friend and collect the phone. The guest got her phone back and Hytham was a hero from then on. I cannot give this guy enough credit and everyone in that group feels the same way!

Please be sure to let Hytham know that he has done an amazing job, I have no doubt in my mind that he gets this praise all the time but let him know from me that he really enhanced this trip beyond my expectations.

Thank you! ”  

Maryam Chegini • Submitted 18 Oct 2017
Pharaohs Adventure
6 days Day | Group Tours

To whom it may concern, my wife and I , Alan and Joan Colloff, have just returned to Delhi after completing passage to India tour, thank you for all your amazing organisation, it was perfect.

Our tour guide for the first week was yourself khan, he was brilliant, a really nice person as well as amazing guide, his drivers were also excellent.the second half of our tour was on our own with A driver, he too was a fantastic driver, very safe.

The hotels we stayed at were first class, especially kings abode, and hilltop palace,all had really good staff, the food we had on this tour wasn't at all the hotels, but we ate locally as well,and was the best food we have had on any holiday, we will recommend your company to anyone, So thank you again for an amazing tour. ”  

Alan and Joan Colloff • Submitted 18 Oct 2017
Lake Pichola and Udaipur Palace - India Tours - On The Go Tours
Passage to India
14 days Day | Group Tours

Very well informed guide, Aktar made sure everything went according to plan and the trip progressed seamlessly. Also he got us front seats to the traditional dance display which was colourful and exciting. We saw so much in a short time, exhausting but worthwhile! All the hotels were very comfortable and varied in style. Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical paradise, we certainly got a feel for the country and its people, history and culture but there is still much to explore and certainly enough for a second visit. The highlights were Dambulla Buddhas, Sigirya rock, Kandy, the train journey, and of course the elephants. We appreciated the chance to unwind in Bentota and it was a good counterpoint to the tour.”  

Lisa Lawrenson • Submitted 17 Oct 2017
Buddha and Beach
12 days Day | Group Tours