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The tour was wonderful, if a little pressed for time. It certainly gave a fabulous insight into Sri Lanka and an intimate glimpse of the culture and people.

Akthar was a wonderful guide. He was knowledgeable, clear and explained things as they really are (i.e. not always the glossy view, but a true account of situation). He had indepth knowledge of all aspects of the tour. I felt very comfortable with his approach.”  

Kay Monnington • Submitted 2 Dec 2016
Buddha and Beach
12 days Day | Group Tours

Dawa, who led the trek, and his team were excellent.

In the Kathmandu and district sightseeing part of the holiday the yoghurt making demonstration and the "cultural evening" were a complete waste of time. Happily this did not spoil the overall experience.

I feel that it would be better to do the sightseeing in Kathmandu on before the trek as this gave a flavour of the capital where we were staying. The trip out to Pathan, Bodhnath and Bhaktapur could be done, if required, at the end.”  

David McIntosh • Submitted 2 Dec 2016
Colourful boats on Lake Phewa in Pokara - Nepal Tours - On The Go Tours
Annapurna Panorama
13 days Day | Trekking Holidays

Very flexible and informative. Helped all of us with money problems in India. ”  

Sarah Stinson • Submitted 2 Dec 2016
Durbar Square in Bhaktapur - Nepal Tours - On The Go Tours
Highway to Himalayas
18 Days Day | Group Tours