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Will, Mumma Flo and Aaron were amazing hosts and guides. Their expertise in their work was so apparent and flawless that it made the experience overwhelmingly enjoyable. Never before have I enjoyed myself so much on a guided tour. Your crew are to be congratulated and I am looking forward to my next trip with On The Go Tours.

The only negative I have is the length of the driving days. It would make for a much better experience if those days were split up with extra stops.


Myk and Jase”  

Mykel Brown • Submitted 8 Jun 2016
Falls to Joburg
12 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

What a trip of a life time. Extremely well organised from all ends (UK, India and Nepal). Everything went like a dream, meeting guides, trains, trips, transfers. It is a very very busy tour but if you want to stop for an afternoon and not do the activity organised, the Guide doesn't mind, remember to rest if you need it! It's your holiday, I stopped in Bharatpur as the pool was far too inviting!

Despite some pre-holiday (in hindsight) naive questions about packing and what to expect as first timers Sarah Bansgrove was awesome, patient, respectful and full of information, hints and tips. For anyone reading this.... you do not need any heals in India! Ha ha

Many thanks Sarah no doubt we'll be using On The Go Tours again.”  

Nicola Rought • Submitted 7 Jun 2016
Durbar Square in Bhaktapur - Nepal Tours - On The Go Tours
Highway to Himalayas
18 Days Day | Group Tours

Our guide was outstanding, informative, helpful, went out of her way to help and assist each of us. I was picked up and taken back to the airport and assisted until I got my boarding pass, just as the trip notes indicated. I believe we got to do everything.

Truly enjoyed the tour, also the other tourist were all friendly and nice. Group got along well.

I would have paid extra to have had only two persons to share the two overnight train rides with, evidently that is an option on the train. ”  

Sandra Patton • Submitted 3 Jun 2016
Stretch of the Great Wall of China - China Tours - On The Go Tours
Great Wall & Warriors
9 days Day | Group Tours
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