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Excellent Local Knowledge and friendliness”  

Delmaine Greaver • Submitted 3 Jun 2016
Gate of Heavenly Peace in Beijing - China Tours - On The Go Tours
China Express
6 days Day | Group Tours

Alba and Becky is two great guides! Alba 's knowledge of Havana really made the experience so much better and Becky is an excellent hostess! Two of the best ”  

Sugnet Dixon • Submitted 3 Jun 2016
Cuban cars - Cuba Tours - On The Go Tours
Viva La Cubana!
8 Days Day | Group Tours

Good Day,

I would like to thank and commend OTG Tours for a wonderful tour. It was really exciting and memorable, beyond what I had anticipated before the tour.

The guide and the driver were truly excellent. I also appreciate gesture of affording us those extra dinners that were not specified as part of the tour and also the special arrangements that were made to transport Lene and I to another hotel at the end of the tour due to a wrong assumption made by the travel agent.

Thank you

Kind regards,

John Wilson ”  

John Wilson • Submitted 3 Jun 2016
Turkey Unplugged
10 Days Day | Group Tours
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