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From the moment Sammy met me at the airport I felt in safe hands. He was professional yet easy going and friendly, well organised and calm. The group met for a briefing the next morning and then we were off. And I absolutely loved every minute of the next 13 days. We saw amazing things and people, went to astonishingly wonderful places and throughout, Sammy managed to gently herd us along without us ever feeling managed. At Varanasi we were all stuffed in pairs into tuc tucs and sent off into the pre dawn traffic mayhem of the 3 day Puja there. Sammy somehow materialised at the riverside (20mins ride away) and got us all into a boat and onto the water to see the magical sunrise. I never worked out how he did that! And it was all with implacable calm. He was funny and fun, informative and interesting, organised and efficient and brought out the best in the group. He is a brilliant ambassador for India and all its wondrousness. I Loved the entire tour and would like to nominate Sammy for an award ”  

Jenny Band • Submitted 24 Nov 2016
Varanasi Ganges New Pic
Deserts Palaces Ganges
13 days Day | Group Tours

The tour was very well organised, the hotels were all very nice, comfortable and well serviced.

the guides were efficient, well informed and very helpful. I must commend Kein in Thailand, he was especially good at unifying the group, very knowledgeable about both political and general facts in Vietnam, he could answer questions about the people, plants, buildings etc. He was also kind and helpful on a personal basis.”  

Lisa Mayer • Submitted 24 Nov 2016
Halong Bay - Southeast Tours - On The Go Tours
Bangkok to Angkor Wat
23 Days Day | Group Tours

Wonderful tour and tour guide. Martina was great - very knowledgable, friendly and humorous.

Despite the awful weather, Iceland was absolutely wonderful.

Only things which could be improved on would be:

1. Remove the volcano and northern lights films. Not really needed.

2. The hotel in Reykjavik wasn't the best - they're renovating, so I'm sure it'll be better in future.

But overall a really great tour.”  

Emily Phillips • Submitted 23 Nov 2016
Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons
5 days Day | Group Tours
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