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What a great holiday.

Packed with fun activities and we learned so much. So lucky to have had such a awesome group of people and was only made better by Momo.

Momo is extremely knowledgeable and went the extra mile for us. He made the trip so much fun and created a tight–knit family.

Wish I was back in Egypt with the family :)

Thank you so much for the great trip Momo.”  

Jeanene Glendon • Submitted 2 Jun 2016
King Tutankhamun
9 days Day | Group Tours

This tour was fantastic. The organisation and the guides were exceptional. From when we stepped off the plane in Tokyo we were met and guided through to our accommodation. The guides were always prepared and We really liked Yukiko's daily guide notes! The accommodation in Tokyo was central and convenient. In Hakone we enjoyed the more traditional ryokan. The day we had travelling through Fuji Hakone National Park was one of the best days touring we have ever experienced. Closely followed by our visit to Miyajima Island.The Daiwa Roynet in Kyoto and Hiroshima were great.

These tours are named On the Go for a good reason. A good level of health and fitness is required to experience all the benefits. ”  

Jennifer Geutjes • Submitted 1 Jun 2016
The Kyoto Basin-Japan Tours-On The Go Tours
Land of the Samurai
12 days Day | Group Tours

Our recent trip to Japan was fantastic! We were helped by Caroline Shaw with the itinerary. Everything from the quality and choice of hotels, our two guides in Tokyo and Kyoto, the cycling tour in Furukawa and the cookery course in Tokyo were brilliant! Even the instruction and guide manuals were accurate and easy to follow and all train, bus, tram and boat timetables and tariffs were up to date!

All we had to do was to enjoy ourselves in that amazing country!

We had 2 guides, Kim for one day in Tokyo and Kaz for one day in Kyoto, they were both very good, knowledgeable, friendly and they adapted the tour to visit sites of our choosing.”  

Mel Goddard • Submitted 31 May 2016
Tailor Made Japan
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