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I can't recommend this trip highly enough. Plus our guide (the lovely Tuan) was so knowledgeable and really took the time to look after for the whole group. We all bonded with him (and his lovely children - who he skyped while we were all out one evening) This is such a good way to see the highlights of the whole country. It is a very busy schedule but without this you wouldn't be able to see or experience as much of this beautiful country. I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone wanting to explore the country who has to manage their holiday leave from 'the office'

Book and enjoy, hopefully you will have Tuan as your guide too! :-)”  

Nicola Russell • Submitted 13 Mar 2017
Journey to Angkor Wat
15 days Day | Group Tours

Sat was our first tour guide and he was amazing, really knows his stuff, made us all feel like a big family. Helped us out with any kind of problem from exchanging money to taking me to a pharmacy. We were worried when we discovered just Richard and I were going on from The Triangle to Khatmandu but Sat assured us we would have guides in every place. We have to give a big thank you to OTG for providing us 2 with a personal driver and guide for the rest of the tour. Big thanks to Raj and Mr K who made the days a lot of fun. Some amazing experiences worth getting out of bed for, i.e. Sunrise over the Ganges. Also having the 1:1 allowed to ask more about real Indian ways of life and the many religions. Discovered much more than we expected. ”  

Elizabeth Martin • Submitted 12 Mar 2017
Durbar Square in Bhaktapur - Nepal Tours - On The Go Tours
Highway to Himalayas
18 Days Day | Group Tours

Had 3 representatives meet us which was fantastic, on seperate occasions.

Our transport was excellent and diverted so we could exchange money.

Rice boat overnight was wonderful,great service, space, food it had it all.

Eastsong resort and the avyuvedic experience, amazing”  

Virginia Vindin-price • Submitted 10 Mar 2017
Taj Mahal - India Tours - On The Go Tours
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