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This tour of Egypt exceeded my high expectations. I love the travel style of On the Go.

Before we went to Egypt, people expressed concern about our safety and we felt completely safe and cared for the whole trip. From the greeting when we arrived in Cairo and had someone to assist us through the arrival process to the guide taking us as far as security would let him go on our departure, the service was exceptional.

It's tough to capture the feeling of exploring a civilization that has a history spanning back thousands of years . . . walking down into one of the pyramids (the only remaining of the original 7 Wonders of the World), standing at the base of one of the massive King Ramesses II carvings at Abu Simbel, exploring ancient temples and tombs. For me the thing that always touches my heart most about travel is the people I meet and the ones I share the journey with. Floating down the Nile on a felucca, swimming in the red sea and hanging out in coffee shops with the locals in the evenings were experiences I will never forget. I believe that the small group size and great itineraries with On the Go attracts people who are truly passionate about travel, both as clients and as guides. Our guide Momo was fabulous! His knowledge and passion were evident in everything he did for us. Everything was taken care of for us at all of our stops and we were always provided with great information and given adequate time to explore on our own. We truly could not have asked for more (and if we would have, I'm sure he'd have found a way to make it happen).

For people who are interested in exploring Egypt in an authentic way that still provides comfort at the end of the day, I would strongly recommend On the Go.”  

Tina Myles • Submitted 7 Oct 2016
Colossi of Memnon in Luxor - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
King Ramses
13 days Day | Group Tours

The tour met and exceeded all our expectations, we had an amazing time and had so many unforgettable experiences! The tour was so well organised and everything ran so smoothly, we were on the go all the time but it never felt rushed or stressful - an amazing achievement. We couldn't believe just how many sights and activities were crammed into our 8-day trip! All the attractions we visited were beautiful and interesting, all the restaurants we visited provided us with banquets of delicious local food and all the hotels were luxurious and comfortable. To top it off Vietnam is a beautiful country with friendly locals who have been through so much in their recent history, we'd thoroughly recommend this trip to anyone.

We only have one negative comment to make and that is nothing to do with on the go tours - sadly some of the locations are becoming blighted by litter. It was so sad to see 100's of plastic bottles and bags floating in Halong Bay and in the rivers in Hue and Hoi an. I saw one local woman throwing a whole bag of rubbish into the river and close by a local man was washing his dishes in the same water, they probably don't know any better but something like this could really affect their tourism industry.”  

Oliver Puddle • Submitted 7 Oct 2016
Hanoi to Hoi An - Group Tour Main Image
Hanoi to Hoi An
8 days Day | Group Tours

This tour was everything we hoped it would be. Our guide, Aziz, (as well as our driver, Ali), was wonderful. He was a friendly, gentle, but very organised person, who gave us a strong knowledge and understanding of the country and its culture as well as answering our hundreds of questions! He was there for us first thing in the morning until late at night.

We were small group of ten people, varying in age and nationality. Our companions were happy, engaging, experienced travellers, happy to chat and eager to discover as much as possible about Morocco. We really loved meeting local families , having local guides and staying in local hotels and a very pretty riad ( rather than hotel chains). What a great experience! We are so glad we chose On the Go Tours and would certainly recommend them!!”  

Allison Wilton • Submitted 6 Oct 2016
Totally Morocco
9 days Day | Group Tours
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