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Becky was brilliantly organised. All travel - chicken buses, private buses, ferries, boats, flights - everything went without a hitch. Good briefings about locations. Reasonable hotels (except Cancun city). She had a large and very disparate group which she managed with poise and charm. A lovely cheery girl.”  

Diana Page • Submitted 15 Dec 2016
Belize beach - Belize Tours - On The Go Tours
Cancun to Antigua
10 days Day | Group Tours

Egypt was incredible. It is really difficult to put into words how amazing this place is. We had a fantastic, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guide who really helped us enjoy the experience. I learnt so much and really fell in love with Egypt. As my son Ryan said "this will be hard to top". I definitely recommend this as a place to come and see for yourself. It is not a place you can safely explore on your own but with a tour and a great guide it was a priceless experience.

• Weather - Hot but okay

• Travel - The flight was good and then we were collected by our tour and given priority exit and cleared the airport in record time. It was amazing. Driving in Egypt is completely crazy. It makes Italian and French drivers seem completely organised and cautious. There are heaps of cars mixed in with buses, motorbikes (apparently helmuts are optional), Tut Tut's, donkey's, horses, and pedestrians not only crossing wherever they like but walking on the roads too. The sleeper train was an experience. It was pretty run down, the rooms were tiny and the train rattled a lot. We didn't sleep great but it was okay.

• Hotel Accomodation - Fantastic. Big, clean rooms with friendly staff.

• Cost of things - Cheaper than Australia. Good value

• People - Our tour guide was amazing, our on the go representative was great, the drivers were great and the hotel and restaurant staff were friendly. We didn't interact a lot with the locals except with our tour guide. It is a very different culture and a little confronting at times but on the whole the people seem hard working and friendly.

• Scenery / architecture - INCREDIBLE. The pyramids are just the start of the amazing things you can see in Egypt. We saw and learnt so much and we really just scraped the surface there is still so much more of Egypt that I would like to see

• Food - Fantastic

• Bed /Pillow - Great in the hotels. Pretty awful on the sleeper train

• Wifi access - FREE Wifi on the last 2 days in the last hotel.

• Tours / attractions - Our "On the Go Pharaohs Adventure with teens" tour was amazing. We got lucky as we were the only family so we had the tour and our tour guide to ourselves. We also got lucky as we may have had one of the best tour guides in the world. Also as tourism rates have dropped from 12 million visitors a year to under 1 million a year all the tourists attractions were really quiet which meant there were no lines, no crowds to fight and we could take our time and enjoy the experience. I definitely want to come back to Egypt as there is so much more to see. ”  

Tammy Robinson • Submitted 15 Dec 2016
Mother and daughter riding camel in front of pyramids - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Pharaohs Adventure For Teens
6 days Day | Family Holidays

I really enjoy the tour and I will do it again :)”  

Glenny Garcia • Submitted 14 Dec 2016
Land of the Northern Lights
5 days Day | Group Tours