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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

Excellent trip. I had a great time. There was nothing I could complain about. While we were not on a luxury camping expedition from what we paid, and it was not all that much, it was good value for our money. Guide was great and was always willing to talk with me, even answer what was probably an endless list of questions. Over 22 days we definitely had a feel for what the country looks like. ”  

John Bain • Submitted 9 May 2016
 Northern Experience - Etosha - Secondary 6
Cape to Falls
22 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

My First time travelling overseas, and with a tour. I have to say it was pretty amazing!.

There was a bit of concern from some friends and family about the destinations, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. I felt completely safe the entire trip. I was a little nervous about entering Israel, put was put at ease when our Jordanian tour guide Olga changed his plans and escorted us out of Jordan towards Israel. The best country out of the three was Egypt. A special mention to Momo and Ahmed our Cairo tour guide and rep Combo! They were amazing and make for a great team.

They made us feel completely at ease,comfortable and safe the entire ten days in Egypt. No bathroom, or ATM was ever too hard to find. No problem that arose was too hard to fix.

A pinup example of a great and professional Tour guide/Representative team.

Would Definitely visit again!”  

Katherine Fabro • Submitted 9 May 2016
Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land
18 days Day | Group Tours

Very interesting tour with great knowledgeable guides”  

Peter Hansell • Submitted 9 May 2016
Angkor Temples in Cambodia - Southeast Tours - On The Go Tours copy
Saigon to Siem Reap
9 days Day | Group Tours
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