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Absolutely amazing weekend with a great guide and lovey group of travellers. ”  

Rachel Cunliffe • Submitted 7 May 2016
Anzac Cove overnight
Pure Anzac
4 days Day | 2017 Tours

Amazing Tour Loved it. Want to come back and do the tour again but this time during the festival of lights. Superb Tour Leader, Sat was the best ever tour guide, very easy to talk to, approachable, understandable. Also our Coach/Bus Driver 'Goldie' is what he told us to call him, was a great driver, not once did I feel uneasy in that madness of traffic, and also Manjeet who helped Goldie with the Coach/Bus, he was very friendly, and always kept the coach/bus clean and tidy(even after we celebrated Holi, felt sorry for Manjeet this day). All and All absolutely thrilled and cant wait to get back.”  

Kelly Chandler • Submitted 6 May 2016
Holi Festival Group Shot - India Tours - On The Go Tours
Holi, Festival of Colour
8 days Day | Festival Tours

Thoroughly enjoyable tour. Quite tiring at times with early starts and lots of travelling, but that's largely as advertised. Difficult to get the timing balance for each visit/location right with different people on a group, so we would have liked more time at some places (e.g. Vietnam war museum) and less at others (e.g. Mekong river cruise), but others in group may disagree.

Hung and Pier were excellent in different ways, both 5 stars. Our first experience of travelling in a group was a great success with some real friendships formed. Biggest advantage of group travel in such a large and culturally different country was the excellent logistics support.”  

Michael Teasdale • Submitted 5 May 2016
Journey to Angkor Wat
15 days Day | Group Tours
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