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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

Tour was amazing. The truck could have been more comfortable, & we had some really long driving days in heat but I would not have missed it. We had a really good, accommodating chef who we called John. The food that he produced no matter what time we arrived at our destination was very good, very healthy, fresh & substantial. My Husband has coeliac disease, & is therefore gluten intolerant & he tried hard to accommodate this. We had so many experiences, saw so many animals including a cheetah, leopard, black & white rhino, it was quite unforgettable. The holiday was a lot more expensive than I originally thought as there are so many add-ons which in my opinion can't be missed & I feel that this hides the true cost of the holiday. The Guide was helpful & knowledgeable.”  

Patricia Long • Submitted 17 May 2016
Gorilla Trek and Tanzania
25 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

Metin really made the trip a never to be forgotten experience for me. We normally do our own organisation on our overseas trips, but this tour with On The Go gives me a new perspective on our future overseas holidays. The coach driver was also excellent. ”  

Michael Walsh • Submitted 17 May 2016
Anzac Bonzer
11 days Day | 2017 Tours

This tour takes you around to all the spots plus more that I wanted to see in Iceland. We had enough time to see everything and learned so much about Iceland. I really enjoyed every moment of the trip.”  

Rachael Cooper • Submitted 16 May 2016
Strokkur Eruption Summer 2
Iceland Circle
8 Days Day | Group Tours
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