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Excellent fun.Very enjoyable.Loved meeting new people.Would not hesitate to recommend.”  

Dianne Lines • Submitted 30 Apr 2016
Anzac Digger
5 days Day | 2017 Tours

Albita was the most helpful, kind and friendly tour guide I have had the pleasure of travelling with. When my luggage was lost for 3 days, she helped me in every way possible to retrieve it. She made numerous calls to the tour company head office to get information. She helped me find some clothing and basic toiletries.

Vanji ”  

Vanji Parameswaran • Submitted 29 Apr 2016
Cuban cars - Cuba Tours - On The Go Tours
Viva La Cubana!
8 Days Day | Group Tours

I just did the King Ramses Tour in April 2016. It was the most incredible trip, better than I could have ever imagined! I have always wanted to go see the pyramids and all the beautiful things Egypt has to offer. Our tour guide Alam was the best! He was very knowledgeable in Egyptian history and answered all of our questions. He also, always made sure everyone was having a great time and made us feel welcome and like part of the family. I went alone and met with the group in Cairo. I want to assure everyone that Egypt is very safe and not once during the entire trip did I feel unsafe. Egypt is so beautiful and if it is on your list of places to go than you definitely should go! We visited the pyramids, many temples, sailed on the Nile River, and got to relax for a few days at the Red Sea (Does it get any better than this?) On The Go Tours and everyone that worked for them were just incredible, kind, organized, helpful and took care of everything, from arriving at the airport, during the entire trip, and getting back to the airport, they didn’t miss any details! Alam, I want to thank you once again for an outstanding trip, your expertise, respect and love of everything and everyone! ”  

Ania Raclawski • Submitted 27 Apr 2016
Colossi of Memnon in Luxor - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
King Ramses
13 days Day | Group Tours
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