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100% from start to finish. Hung Do was our guide through Vietnam and was the perfect guide to take us through his country. I have been travelling South East Asia for the last couple of months and had several on the go tour guides during my trip. Hung was my favourite by far. He is professional, fun, knowledgeable and passionate about his job.

While the tour itself was organised very well, it was Hung brought who brought the experience to life. He planned each day well, was clear and articulate in what we were doing each day, allowing for flexibility, while sticking to schedule. He offered a great amount of knowledge of his country, the culture, his personal experiences and useful tips as well as great food and shopping recommendations and assistance when we needed anything. For example, our train from Hanoi to Hue was delayed for six hours and he provided regular updates, liaised with train staff and rescheduled our itinerary to ensure we did not miss out on anything. He is a great guide and made the experience amazing from start to finish. I would rate him 10/10 and recommend him for anyone going to visit Vietnam. ”  

Shazia Hassim • Submitted 22 Nov 2016
Journey to Angkor Wat
15 days Day | Group Tours

I had a great time on the tour, Dasha was excellent and I learnt to much about Russia and Russian Culture. I really enjoyed the variety of activities and places we went but I would have liked the option to pre-pay for some of the optional excursions! I ended up spending a lot more than I was expecting in country because of the excursions all being paid locally ”  

Clementine Brooks • Submitted 22 Nov 2016
St Basils Cathedral - Russia Tours - On The Go Tours
Russian Revolution
9 days Day | Group Tours

I picked a cloudy week to go, so unfortunately no northern lights, however trip was otherwise good. Had plenty of time at each stop to have a good look, wander around and take lots of pictures. The cruise on Day 3 had to be cancelled due to strong gales, but we were able to see a museum on the Eider ducks instead. (We still had lunch on the boat.) Finn (the guide) was friendly and was able to tell us some of the history of the places we visited.

I also had the benefit of arriving in Iceland a day early, so I had time to try svið(!), and to do a food tour in Reykjavík the afternoon before this tour started.”  

Mark Pulley • Submitted 22 Nov 2016
Northern-Lights-Expedition-Secondary 5
Northern Lights Exploration
8 days Day | Group Tours
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