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Our guide did a really good job and worked very hard to ensure we all had an enjoyable + informative trip. He also made sure the pace was suitable for the varied levels of ability within the group. He represented On The Go really well and I would definitely recommend him + the trip to others. ”  

Catherine Woods • Submitted 12 May 2016
Anzac Uncovered
6 days Day | 2017 Tours

Awesome trip; and I'm glad I did it. In addition to tour lead, both the Driver (James Loronyokwe) and cook (John Mwai Murigu) both did a sterling job: journey was smooth everyday, despite the long hours, and food was delicious everyday!

Only minor flaw was the long days on the road, and some destinations on route were more of a stopover, rather than somewhere to see local life - but I guess we'll always have these when travelling over long distances.”  

Visva Thevar • Submitted 11 May 2016
Rhinos - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours
Zimbabwe to Zanzibar
16 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

The tour was excellent. The bus was good, the accommodation was excellent and the guide was very knowledgeable.”  

Robert Newell • Submitted 10 May 2016
Strokkur Eruption Summer 2
Iceland Circle
8 Days Day | Group Tours
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