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Amazing tour of Morocco. Captured all the highlights of Morocco with the best guide, Jamal, by our side. Would recommend a different hotel in Fes, but was a great day getting lost in the souk and cooking class at night. Camel trek was incredible.

Jamal you are a legend! Thank you for all your insightful knowledge and cheeky banter!”  

Caroline Zammit • Submitted 6 Nov 2016
Totally Morocco
9 days Day | Group Tours

Egypt was absolutely fantastic! The tour was perfect as it covered everything that I knew I wanted to see and others that I didn't know I wanted to see because I hadn't heard of them before. Our guide Alam was also wonderful as his explanations were thorough and he was very accommodating which helped to make it an all-round great experience.

The only thing that I was disappointed about was that the single room was not shared between the women who had not paid the single supplement. As there were an odd amount of us, one woman had a single room the whole trip, which I felt was unfair.

Overall, it was a wonderful tour and I would use On The Go for trips in the future.”  

Linda Keirs • Submitted 4 Nov 2016
Abu Simble at Night
King Ramses Sun Festival
12 days Day | Festival Tours

The guide was terrific!!! He was funny, knew a lot about Icelandic history, geology, wildlife and shared with us a lot of "sociological" elements that make the Icelandic identity/psyche I think. He gave a lot of information and anecdotes throughout the tour. and was always available to discuss things we wanted to know/understand either in the group setting or on an individual basis.

As for the tour, we were awestruck by the scenery and the sites that were visited - we even got to view a bit more waterfalls than expected.

Simply a fantastic experience and a tour/guide/Booking agency we would gladly recommend to anyone. The next guided tours will surely be booked through OTG from now on1 :0)”  

Alain Couture • Submitted 4 Nov 2016
Strokkur Eruption Summer 2
Iceland Circle
8 Days Day | Group Tours
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