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My partner and I really enjoyed the tour. The tour guide Sal was very knowledgeable. The hotels and cruise ship were wonderful. The food was great overall a great experience.”  

Claire Tansey • Submitted 17 Jan 2017
Cruise ship on the Nile - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Jewel of the Nile
10 days Day | Group Tours

We picked this tour because of the name Christmas Turkey. Neither of us had been to Turkey before and were interested to find out about the country that is often in the news for the wrong reasons. We were very pleasantly surprised as despite there being a bombing just before we left we felt perfectly safe in the country and everybody we met was very helpful. Turkey is really suffering because of bad press. Tourism is down 80%. Turkey is a fascinating country so rich in culture and history. Having travelled around a large part of it we could see why so many nations wanted to invade it. For us Ephesus, Pamakkale and Cappadoccia ( and our snowman built on Xmas Day ) were the highlights and we felt we only scratched the surface and so intend to return. We both came home feeling thoroughly enriched by the experience and empowered.

The government is investing hugely in the economy building big highways to link the west to the east , tunnels under the Bosphorus, a huge water pipeline under the Mediterranean sea sharing water from Turkey with Northern Cyprus.Recep was an excellent guide and prepared to answer any question the group posed. He made sure the whole group was catered for and consequently everyone gelled very well. It was a very special way to spend Christmas 2016”  

Caroline and David Worth • Submitted 17 Jan 2017
Hagia Sofia in winter - Turkey Tours - On The Go Tours
Christmas Turkey
12 days Day | Group Tours

It was a truly wonderful tour I loved everything about it

It was great to be met at the airport and helped though as it was as I left this helped so much so I say thank you once again to those people. I think it was Abdul and George

Our Main guide Dino couldn't have been more helpful or friendly, nothing was too much trouble for him and he was so knowledgeable. It can't be easy to keep so many people happy at the same time.

Our other guide on the cruise ship, Aaram (sorry I think I have the wrong spelling there)

was very good too and so funny. The cruise ship itself was fantastic and the staff were tripping over themselves to attend us. The food and accommodation was top class.

Abdul was on his "L" plates but I'm sure, in time, will do very well on his own

While I say all we saw, the temples ( just kept getting bigger and bigger) the towns, all that was Egypton was great and guides couldn't have been better.

I think I also need to say

That the Abu Simbel part of the tour should be included in the price and not an add on, as nobody would go to Egypt and not want to go to Abu Simbel

Also the Oasis Hotel was the worst of a great bunch, the location, with no shop nearby and the feeling you had nowhere to go but stay in your hotel room

To one staff member I seemed too much of a inconvenience when I had to send my chicken back as it was uncooked. My plate was taken away with no words then brought back 10 minutes late, plate just dropped down in front of me again no words while he shuffled off.

The chicken had been thrown in the deep fryer and was now dead. Hence it was left on the plate. This is the same staff member that took half and hour to actually acknowledge that we wanted to order the first night we were there

These are only little things and it did not take away the fact that I had a fantastic holiday due to the fellow travellers, wonderful guides and "On the go Tours"


Pam Anderson • Submitted 17 Jan 2017
El Alamein Main Image
El Alamein & Ancient Egypt
12 days Day | Group Tours