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Tour was great with a mix of history, current situation and fun activities.

Ogle was very supportive and made sure everyone was comfortable.

Pick up from / delivery to the airport were very good. ”  

Kevin Whiteway • Submitted 21 Sep 2016
Passage to Petra
6 days Day | Group Tours

Wilson was one of the best guides I have come across during any trip. He was always helpful and gave us a lot of insights of the countries we visited.

He even helped me apply for the Brazil visa as I couldn't do that in the home country. I was able to visit Brazil just because of his help.”  

Ronak Gupta • Submitted 20 Sep 2016
Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro - South America - On The Go Tours
Sth America Coast to Coast ex Rio
32 days Day |

Thank you on the go for the awesome trip! The tour was very well structured and we finished it feeling mind blown and at our hearts content. Our tour leader MOMO is what would make us believe ON THE GO is the way to go! The felluca was a bit too much for me , if it was just one night could be better. However, our guide made up for it with his funny company and amount of knowledge and passion about Egypt . We felt like we got more than what we paid for from day 1 as we were getting a uni lecture at each site. He even created little activities for us everyday to enjoy and remember the history of Egypt better.

Jordan was great too, my partner and i really enjoyed it. However we did notice that the physical demand was abit too much for the older people on the tour. Maybe better to reconsider the physical rating for this tour. As we have seen fit people on the tour struggle and the more elderly people sit out. ”  

sharon liu • Submitted 20 Sep 2016
Petra Treasury - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copy
Road to Jordan
15 days Day | Group Tours
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