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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Turkey. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

I just wanted to write to express my gratitude for the incredible tour I recently completed with On the Go in Turkey. I was a member of the 2015 Christmas Turkey group and while I was already excited to do the tour based simply on my own knowledge and the description in the brochure, the reality far exceeded my expectations.

To begin with the tour arrangements and route were well chosen and provided a fantastic opportunity for us to see the incredible variety of landscapes, cultures and historical influences which shape the Turkish identity. The timing of each visit allowed for us to gain a good sense of each place while also enabling a wide range of locations and sites to be covered.

Our driver Yussef was great. He was reliable, very steady and friendly and made the travelling aspects of the trip stress free. He was also commendably attentive to details such as knowing who belonged to which backpack when it came time to unload the bus at the end of each journey.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most significant factors which contributed to the experience was our tour guide: Recep Aydin. Recep was knowledgable not only about the sites we visited (and on those his understanding and ability to explain was second to none), but also about Turkish culture, politics and history and he really went above and beyond to address any question members of the group had. He was organised and very efficient, ensuring the smooth running of the tour, but whilst doing all of this he was also able to create a sense of calm, relaxation and time for us to explore sites at our leisure. Recep was able to facilitate quite a diverse group of people on the tour, fostering positive relationships and a really lovely sense of connection between the members of the group, making it feel like a group of friends travelling together rather than strangers.

I have travelled on organised tours before and would happily say that this experience was far superior to those. I would enthusiastically recommend both Turkey and On the Go to others and in particular, owe much of my positive experience to both the structure of the tour itself, but also to our wonderful tour guide, Recep. ”  

Patricia Taaffe • Submitted 31 Dec 2015
Hagia Sofia in winter - Turkey Tours - On The Go Tours
Christmas Turkey
12 days Day | Group Tours

We would just like to send our appreciation for the wonderful Christmas Turkey tour. The whole tour went without a hitch and it was the most enjoyable tour we have undertaken. Our guide, Recep, ran the tour like a conductor bringing everything together at the right time without fuss. His knowledge of the subject was magnificent, providing not a standard general explanation of the parts but a detailed history of each place and then placing it within the larger context was just right. I was particularly impressed by his knowledge of the early Christian era so it was possible for those bible stories to become more relevant. He also seemed never to be stuck for further information when we sought more detail. We benefited greatly from his knowledge of the politics, general and social aspects of Turkish life and individual communities.

The tour participants bonded very well making it a particularly fun time with the group size being about right.

Our driver, Yussef, was very steady and sure so that we never we were never concerned with anything in the, at times, crowded roads. His bright and happy personality stood out.

A thoroughly enjoyable tour to an amazing country and we have hesitation in recommending On the Go Tours, and Recep, in particular, for a wonderful tour we will remember always. Will be providing feedback to the travel agent on our return.

We will be back for more. ”  

Bob and Mary Taaffe • Submitted 31 Dec 2015
Hagia Sofia in winter - Turkey Tours - On The Go Tours
Christmas Turkey
12 days Day | Group Tours

Dear On The Go Tours,

We have just completed the 2015 Christmas Turkey Tour, and we wish to commend the Tour, and the Tour Guide as being exceptional. As a destination, Turkey far exceeded our expectations, and we relished the richness of the culture, and the history.

The organisation of the tour was flawless. Transport, accommodation and meal arrangements were all available on time, and met the expectations set in the brochure.

The tour guide was Mr Recep Aydin, who was unbelievably good. Recep's deep understanding of both historical and cultural matters were delivered in a compelling narrative, as we travelled through the tour. Recep's blend of history, culture, and a bit of fun made the tour both interesting and entertaining. Visiting the Church of St Nicholas, and having Christmas Dinner in Turkey added a special significance to this tour.

We cannot recommend this tour more highly. Thank you for an enriching experience.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Rob & Amanda Gillis

(Sydney, Australia) ”  

Rob Gillis • Submitted 28 Dec 2015
Hagia Sofia in winter - Turkey Tours - On The Go Tours
Christmas Turkey
12 days Day | Group Tours