The Ultimate Bucket List Tour

Visit the New 7 Wonders of the World on this epic round-the-world adventure

New 7 Wonders of the World

With 21 finalists and over 100 million votes cast, on the 7th July 2007 the final selection of the New 7 Wonders of the World was announced. The likes of Angkor Wat, Hagia Sofia and Moscow's Kremlin battled it out over seven years from an initial selection of 200 monuments but in the end, only seven could claim the title of 'new world wonder'.

Spread far and wide from Europe to South America, in 30 action-packed days, these incredible sites can be combined on a round-the-world adventure that spans five continents and takes you from the dusty deserts of Egypt and Jordan to the towering peaks of the Andes.

The Journey of a Lifetime

If you're a fan of archaeological marvels and architectural genius, and looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the globe then look no further than our Ultimate Bucket List tour taking in all seven new wonders of the world plus the Pyramids of Giza, granted honorary status as the only remaining monument of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.

The World Wonders Tour Itinerary

Discover the New 7 Wonders of the World in 30 action-packed days with time to explore eight different cities. We plotted out a round-the-world trip to take it all in, starting in London where you can visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace, see the crown jewels at the Tower of London and ride the London Eye. If you prefer to start your adventure elsewhere then we recommend contacting your local flight specialist for the best round-the-world fares from wherever in the world you may be.

Fly from London to Rome for the first stop

Days 1 to 4 - Italy and the great amphitheatre

Head to the airport today for the first flight on your epic New 7 Wonders of the World grand tour kicking off with Rome, the historic capital of Italy. Join a walking tour of Rome exploring some of the city's most impressive ancient monuments, chief among them the remarkable Colosseum, alongside Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Enjoy a day at leisure to feast on pasta, pizza and gelato - what could be more Italian? - before departing Rome and flying to Egypt.

Colosseum of Rome - On the Go Tours
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The Colosseum of Rome

Dating back to AD 80 and the era of Roman emperors, the Colosseum is Italy's most impressive ancient wonder. Large enough to accommodate 50,000 spectators, the gladiatorial arena stands 12 storey tall and occupies an area of six acres with 76 entrances and a subterranean network of tunnels and animal pens. Built of concrete and sand, parts of the Colosseum have been lost during earthquakes with a sizeable portion of the outer wall missing. However, this does not minimize the monument's awe-inspiring appearance whether from below looking up at the perfect arches or from inside looking out across the arena where hundreds of thousands of gladiators once fought to the death.

Fly from Rome to Cairo for the second stop

Days 5 to 7 - Egypt and the famed pyramids

Arriving into Cairo transfer to your hotel. The next day is spent exploring some of Egypt's most impressive sights starting with the trio of pyramids that are quite possibly the world's oldest tourist attraction. Here you can also see the proud-looking Great Sphinx with the afternoon spent discovering the many treasures of the Egyptian Museum, including the glittering death mask of King Tutankhamen. Your third day in Cairo can be spent at leisure independently exploring - head to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar for souvenir shopping, enjoy a dinner cruise on the Nile River or simply relax at your hotel. On day 7 of your grand tour you'll continue on your round-the-world journey to neighbouring Jordan.

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The Pyramids of Giza

Deemed one of the ancient world's Seven Wonders back in the 1st century BC, the Pyramids of Giza are one of the oldest tourist attractions on the planet. Built some 4,500 years ago, the trio of pyramids attracted ancient Hellenic travellers and continue to draw scores of visitors from across the globe as the only remaining ancient wonder from the original list. Some mystery still surrounds exactly how the towering structures were made with estimates of a workforce numbering in the tens-of-thousands under orders of the ruling pharaohs whose inflated egos required a mammoth tomb prepared for their earthly departure. Within the Giza complex also stands the Great Sphinx, the world's largest monolith statue with a lion's body and human face.

Fly from Cairo to Amman for the third stop

Days 8 to 11 - Jordan and the Rose City

The day you arrive into Jordan you'll transfer south to Petra, a 3hr drive away. On the following day (8 of the itinerary) you'll get the chance to marvel at the famous Treasury at the entrance to the Rose City of Petra. Nothing can quite compare you for the sight as you walk through the narrow siq. With a full day here in Petra you'll have plenty of time to check out the Monastery and other popular spots. On your third day in Jordan you'll leave Petra and drive to the Dead Sea - today you have the option to return to Petra for more exploring or alternatively you can see more of what Jordan has to offer stopping at the Crusader castle of Shobak, the market town of Madaba and the Biblical Mount Nebo en route. Take some time to soak in the curative waters of the Dead Sea before returning to Amman airport for the next leg of your journey. It's an overnight flight to Delhi so get some shut eye in preparation for your arrival the next morning.

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The Lost City of Petra

Carved into sandstone cliffs in a secluded valley in the heart of Jordan, the ancient city of Petra is an incredible feat of human engineering, built by the Arabic Nabataeans as early as the 5th century BC. Known as the Rose City for the beautiful pink hue of the sandstone, Petra is Jordan's premier tourist attraction and with good reason - exquisitely sculpted palaces, temples and tombs are spread across an impressive area with a weather-worn theatre that could have accommodated 7,000 people. The most iconic sight in Petra is that of the elaborate Treasury facade, a sight that is slowly revealed when entering the city via the narrow canyon - the remarkably preserved Monastery is a close second.

Fly from Amman to Delhi for the fourth stop

Days 12 to 14 - India and the ultimate monument to love

Arriving into Delhi - the bustling capital of India - you'll be met and transferred to your hotel for the night. The following day you'll be transferred to Agra, a drive of roughly 4-5 hours. Later in the afternoon enjoy a memorable visit to the Taj Mahal with time accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and free time to enjoy at leisure with the chance to watch the sun set over India's most iconic sight. Your third day in India will be spent visiting the deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri with the option to revisit the Taj Mahal at sunrise, should you wish. On day 14 you'll return to Delhi for your flight to China and the next wonder on the list.

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The Taj Mahal in Agra

Few declarations of eternal love can match that of the Taj Mahal, an ivory-white marble mausoleum built by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the tomb of his beloved wife. Commissioned in 1632 the tomb took 11 years to complete and stands at the heart of a 42-acre complex that features neatly manicured gardens as well as a mosque. Widely considered to be the most beautiful building in the world, the symmetry of the Taj is breathtaking and made even more impressive by the shimmering reflections caught in the shallow ponds that lead up to the mausoleum. The interior of the building is equally as splendid with intricate inlays of precious and semiprecious gems, exquisite calligraphic inscriptions and delicately carved marble screens.

Fly from Delhi to Beijing for the fifth stop

Days 15 to 18 - China and the world's longest wall

Spend your first day in China relaxing after a transfer from the international airport in Beijing to your hotel. The next day the adventure begins with a tour of Tiananmen Square and the gigantic Forbidden City with time to shop at Silk Alley and its many shops. On your third day in Beijing you'll head to the Great Wall - the world's longest and a remarkable feat of human engineering. Enjoy some time walking along the top of the wall soaking up the beautiful scenery and investigating the numerous watch towers. Later visit the royal Ming tombs on the way back to Beijing. The following day is a free day for you to explore this historic city the way you wish - take a tricycle ride through the ancient Hutongs or visit the very modern Olympic Park. On day 18 you'll return to the airport for your overnight flight to Cancun.

Sunrise at Great Wall
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The Great Wall of China

Spanning a distance of 8,850 km across northern China, the Great Wall is without a doubt the world's longest with heights reaching between 6-14 metres in sections and widths of seven metres. Snaking across an undulating mountain ridge carpeted in dense woodland, the wall is punctuated by battlements and watchtowers and was built to separate rival territories and mark borders as early as the 5th century BC. The Great Wall is actually a series of walls rather than one long continuous wall with sections that have been brilliantly restored to their former glory while others stand in wild ruin.

Fly from Beijing to Cancun for the sixth stop

Days 19 to 22 - Mexico and the mythical Mayan city

Welcome to the sunny Caribbean coast! Arrive into Cancun and transfer to your hotel where your first day in Mexico is at leisure. The following day take a day's excursion to Chichen Itza, a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya people and once obscured by jungle. You'll learn all about the history of the well-preserved site visiting the Observatory, Temple of the Jaguars, Temple of the Warriors and of course the famous El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulkan. Enjoy lunch in a typical Mexican restaurant with delicious traditional food and take a dip in a freshwater sinkhole. Next day is completely free for you to relax on the golden beaches of Cancun or partake in the many activities available - it's a brilliant place to kick back and relax so you may wish to consider extending your time in Cancun. On day 22 transfer to the airport for your overnight flight to Peru.

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Chichen Itza

The sacred site of Chichen Itza, a pre-Colombian city located in the Yucatan state of Mexico, was one of the greatest Mayan centres in the region and today attracts thousands of visitors. Over the course of a thousand-year history the city developed under the influence of the Maya and the Toltec cultures, a legacy seen in the fusion of architectural styles and artistic works. Spread across an area of 5 square kilometres the ancient city features thirteen ball courts, decorated platforms, masonry temples and the iconic El Castillo step pyramid, a massive structure that serves as a Mayan calendar with terraces and steps corresponding to the number of days, months and years in the Mayan calendar.

Fly from Cancun to Cuzco for the seventh stop

Days 23 to 26 - Peru and the lost citadel

The city of Cuzco, littered with Inca monuments and colonial buildings, is your introduction to Peru. On your arrival you'll be transferred to your hotel for a night's rest and a chance to acclimatize. The following day head out to explore the Sacred Valley, home to a wealth of archaeological sites including the impressive fortress and citadel of Ollantaytambo. Then it's time for Peru's star attraction for the next day you'll take a scenic train to the lost citadel of Machu Picchu. Here you'll learn all about the city's history, why it was abandoned and how it was rediscovered with time to explore at leisure and take it all in. Later in the day you'll return back to Cuzco by train for your final night in Peru before continuing your journey with an overnight flight to Brazil the following day.

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Machu Picchu

Located high above the Urubamba River in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the 'lost city of the Incas' is an incredible sight to behold. Set on a high ridge encircled by dramatic green peaks that seem to touch the clouds, Machu Picchu is a complex of palaces, baths, temples, storage rooms and some 150 houses, all in a remarkable state of preservation. Built around 1450 at the height of the Inca Empire, the citadel was abandoned less than 100 years later with the Spanish conquest and remained largely forgotten about until 1911 when an American historian stumbled upon it. Since then it has been cultivated and restored to provide a fascinating insight into what is considered to be one of the greatest Incan cities ever built with thousands of adventurers opting to trek the original Inca Trail to reach the citadel for sunrise through the famed Sun Gate.

Fly from Cuzco to Rio de Janeiro for the eighth stop

Days 27 to 29 - Brazil and the towering symbol of Christianity

It's the last stop on your amazing round-the-world adventure as you arrive in Rio de Janeiro, the party capital of the world. You know the drill by now - on arrival you'll be transferred to your hotel where the first night can be spent relaxing or you may wish to hit the streets and experience some of that party atmosphere yourself! The next day enjoy a tour of the city that takes in Sugar Loaf Mountain and, of course, the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) on Corcovado mountain. Here you can enjoy stunning views across Brazil's most famous city. The next day is completely free for you to explore some more or head to one of the famous beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema.

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Christ the Redeemer

With arms outstretched and eyes looking out across the city lights below, the gigantic Christ the Redeemer statue has become a cultural icon for Rio de Janeiro and something of a stone guardian. Sat atop Corcovado mountain at an altitude of 700 metres, the 30 metre-tall figure rarely escapes your view from Rio's streets, even at night when the statue is beautifully illuminated. Located within the Parque Nacional da Tijuca, a tropical rainforest home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, one of the best ways to reach Christ the Redeemer is via the narrow-gauge train that takes 20 scenic minutes to reach the base of the statue.

Fly from Rio de Janeiro back to London or elsewhere

Day 30 - The final day of your epic adventure

Sadly your round-the-world, bucket list-ticking journey has come to an end today and you'll return to London (or your own point of origin) though it doesn't have to be the end - perhaps extend your time here in Rio for a little sun, sea and sand.

Bucket List Tour Prices

Flights from London start at around USD $3,850 per person inclusive of all taxes. We can assist with round-the-world airfares departing from the United Kingdom - if you will be departing from elsewhere we recommend that you contact your local flight specialist for the best routes and deals. Tour prices start at USD $5,750 per person based on two people travelling in low season staying in 3-4* hotels with all transfers, accommodation, daily breakfasts, guided sightseeing and transportation as per the itinerary. Prices are indicative and vary according to time of travel, availability, preferred standard of accommodation and number of people travelling. Itinerary length will vary depending on the best flights available between each destination and may take longer than advertised here.

Do it your way

This 30-day New World Wonders tour itinerary is our suggested way to cover the eight sites with enough time to get between the destinations and spend a few days exploring the different cities - the package can be tailored to your exact requirements so if you want to add extra time in any destination, contact our team and we'll be happy to put together your own unique round-the-world adventure.

Recommended City Breaks

If you're looking for a quick jaunt around the globe on our New 7 World Wonders itinerary then this selection of short city breaks will suit you perfectly covering the star attractions detailed here as well as a few added extras.

See more with longer group tours

For those of you with time on your hands (yes, we're talking to you recently graduated students and the happily retired generation) you may prefer to spend longer in each destination seeing more of what each country has to offer whether it's the eerie desert landscapes of Jordan or the tropical rainforests of Peru. Always eager to help, we've listed some great tours that cover these New 7 Wonders of the World in escorted groups covering plenty other attractions.