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Central China

JInan Higlight - Web Ready
Central China


Capital of Shandong province, Jinan sits south of the Yellow River as it makes its final thrust for the Yellow...

Luoyang Higlight - Web Ready
Central China


The ancient city of Luoyang was the capital of thirteen Chinese dynasties, starting from the Xia dynasty,...

Central China


Possibly the best-preserved ancient walled city in China, charming Pingyao is a city of beauty where red...

Qufu Higlight - Web Ready
Central China


Qufu is famed as the birthplace of the sage Confucius in 551 BC and home of his clan, the Kong. Largely...

Tai Shan Higlight - Web Ready
Central China

Tai Shan

Mount Taishan (Peaceful Mountain) is the premier attraction of Shandong province. Lying 100km south of Jinan,...

Xian city walls - China Highlight - On the Go Tours
Central China


Known as Chang’an in ancient times, Xi’an’s illustrious history spans more than 3,000 years having...

Terracotta Warriors in Xian - China Highlight - On the Go Tours
Central China

Terracotta Warriors

Over 8,000 soldiers, horses and chariots stand in battle-ready formation in one of China's most famous sites....

North China

Forbidden City in Beijing - On the Go Tours
North China


Capital of the People’s Republic, Beijing is China’s political, economic and cultural centre. Established...

Chengde Highlight
North China


Situated near the Luan River north of Beijing in Hebei Province, Chengde is best known as the summer residence...

Datong caves - China Highlight - On the Go Tours
North China


Located close to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China, Datong is one of the country's most...

Great Wall Highlight
North China

Great Wall

An enduring symbol of Chinese civilisation and genius, the UNESCO protected Great Wall was built as a...

Snow sculpture
North China


Situated in the far north of China close to the vast sub-Siberian plains, Harbin is the pleasant capital of...

East China

Hangzhou Highlight
East China


Renowned in medieval China as an earthly paradise, Hangzhou became the splendid capital of the flourishing...

Huangshan Higlight - Web Ready
East China

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Widely thought of as the most beautiful mountain in China, Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain)is an absolute...

Jiuzhaigou Higlight - Web Ready
East China


Jiuzhaigou is a stunning nature reserve located just north of Sichuan right in the heart of China. The...

Nanjing Higlight - Web Ready
East China


Enormous and brimming with history, Nanjing, or Nanking as its known in the West, is a political, cultural and...

Shanghai skyline - web ready highlight image
East China


Just the mere mention of Shanghai conjures up mystery, allure and general decadence. A city with a turbulent...

Souzhou Highlight - Web Ready
East China


Suzhou is a 2,500-year-old cultural city and is located in the south of Jiangsu, a province that hugs the...

Tiger Leaping Gorge
East China

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Picture a narrow trail snaking its way along rugged snow-capped mountains at a dizzying height above rippling...

Yangtze Highlight
East China

Yangtze & Three Gorges

Neatly dividing China into north and south, the 6340km-long Yangtze River is the country's longest river and...

South China

Chengdu cityscape
South China


Capital of southern China's Sichuan province, Chengdu is largely considered the region's culinary capital with...

Dali Highlight - Web Ready
South China


Situated on Lake Erhai with a backdrop formed by the peaks of the 50km-long Cang Shang range, Dali boasts an...

Emei Shan Highlight
South China

Emei Shan

Emei Shan in Sichuan Province in Southwest China has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its...

Guangzhou Highlight - Web Ready
South China


Formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou is a vibrant city with a distinct cultural identity and an undeniable...

Guilin landscape - China Highlight - On the Go Tours
South China


Considered the pearl in the crown of China's thriving tourism industry, the attractive landscaped city of...

Hong Kong Highlight - Web Ready
South China

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, with its remnants of the colonial era plus its Chinese heritage, is a fascinating, lively city with...

Kunming Highlight - Web Ready
South China


Capital of the Yunnan province, in the Southwest of China, Kunming is the political, economic and cultural...

Lijiang Highlight - Web Ready
South China


The seat of the Naxi minority peoples, Lijiang sits at an altitude of 2,500m in a fantastic mountain setting,...

Longsheng Highlight
South China


Located two hours northwest of Guilin in a remarkably scenic corner of China, the county of Longsheng is home...

Macau Highlight - Web Ready
South China


Formerly a Portuguese colony, Macau has, since its independence in 1999, become the number one gambling...

Yangshuo Highlight - Web Ready
South China


Nestled 70km south of Guilin, in the midst of China’s most awesome karst limestone mountains, Yangshuo...

West China

Huanglong Highlight - Web Ready
West China


Home to one of the most outstanding natural phenomena on the planet, Huanglong is a pride and joy of China....

Jiayuguan Highlight - Web Ready
West China


Located in the northwest of Gansu Province, Jiayuguan sits in the middle of the narrowest valley and marks one...

Kashgar Highlight - Web Ready
West China


In the far west of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region lying at the foot of the Pamir mountains with the Taklamakan...

Urumqi Highlight - Web Ready
West China


Capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, a largely desert and grassland province fringed by some of the...