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Turkey is literally brimming with archaeological treasures, ancient ruins and stunning landscapes. At the top of our list are the surreal fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the Roman remains of Ephesus, the bustling city of Istanbul. And to top your tour of Turkey's historic sites, consider a few days by the crystal waters of Oludeniz, Kalkan and Kas on Turkey's Aegean coast. Whatever your interest, our team will handpick unique sites to see, things to do and places to stay to ensure your tailor-made holiday in Turkey is just right for you.

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Turkey – a nation that straddles both Europe and Asia is a bigger country than many people think. Admittedly most of the must-see places like Istanbul, ancient Ephesus and Pergamum, the cotton castles of Pamukkale and many of the idyllic beach spots are in the western portion of the country – however a journey further east to the delights of Cappadocia, Mount Nemrut and Akdamar Island is certainly worth the extra effort. Below are some of our most recommended sites and experiences.

Cappadocia Highlight - Web Ready


If there is one place on the planet that is guaranteed to blow your mind, it is Cappadocia. Situated in...
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Istanbul Highlight - Web Ready


Sitting on the Bosphorus, the strait of water that divides the continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the...
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Pamukkale Highlight - Web Ready


The UNESCO World Heritage listed Pamukkale looks as though it has been dropped on to this planet straight from...
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Kusadasi Highlight - Web Ready


From the distinctly Mediterranean vibe that floats through the warm air to the beautiful sunshine that beams...
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Fethiye Highlight - Web Ready


Stunningly situated on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, fringed by the Taurus Mountains, Fethiye is a charming...
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Ephesus Highlight - Web Ready


Positively the best-preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the...
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Pergamum Highlight - Web Ready


The ancient city of Pergamum, now part of the modern Turkish city of Bergama, sits atop a 1000ft hill and...
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Konya is an eclectic mix of antiquity and modernity and is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in...
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Central Turkey

The diverse region of Central Anatolia and its arid highlands are the heartland of Turkey, offering a plethora of sights from UNESCO listed Safranbolu to the treasure trove of Amasya. Konya, home to the iconic Whirling Dervishes is considered Turkey’s religious soul whilst Cappadocia’s surreal landscape and underground villages are without doubt one of the region’s most spectacular sights!< p>

Inspirations for a holiday in Turkey

Travel in style around Turkey with so many interesting and unique things to see and do. Here's some of our favourite little gems of special things to do whilst on a tailor made holiday to Turkey.

Turkish Cooking School
Cook up a storm

Learn to cook Turkish cuisine

The highlight of visiting most countries is the new and delicious foods and Turkey is no different. Learn how to cook and of course taste, the delicious delicacies Turkey has to offer. Enjoy preparing and learning how to cook a traditional four course meal which concludes with eating what you made in the fantastic rooftop restaurant.

Istanbul view
A drink with a view

Sundowners at the Marmara Pera

Fancy a tipple overlooking the Bosphorus and Golden Horn after a long days sightseeing? The Marmara Pera is one of many rooftop restaurants that afford stunning views over Istanbul. The perfect place to relax and take in the sight of one of the world’s most picturesque harbours and where you can see bot Europe and Asia!

Cappadocia Balloons
Take to the skies

Cappadocia Balloon Flight

There are few better ways to see the beauty of Cappadocia than from the air. An early morning start is well worth the effort for the spectacular sight of the surreal landscape of eroded rock of Cappadocia. As you cruise over and through the famous fairy chimneys you’ll have lots of time to take photos and absorb this stunning natural wonder

Cave hotel Cappadocia
Going underground

Stay in an amazing cave hotel

Cappadocia is home to many of Turkey’s finest, weirdest and wackiest hotels. Home to some of the countrys most unique scenery it is unsurprising that there are a number of cave hotels, all as unique as the next. If you’re wanting the ultimate Cappadocia experience then a night in a cave hotel is just for you!

Eastern bliss

Visit Akdamar Island

Very few visitors to Turkey ever see further east than Cappadocia and this is a shame. Akdamar Island near the city of Van is a sight to behold. This picturesque island sat on Lake Van is home to a fully restored 10th century Armenian church and the views of the lake are legendary.

Dreaming at dusk

Van citadel sunset

No holiday evening is complete without a beautiful sunset right? The citadel in Van in eastern Turkey is the perfect location for this nightly ritual. With beautiful views of the city as well as nearby Mount Nemrut and Lake Van – it is the perfect place to end the day.

Suggested Tailor-made Holiday itineraries for Turkey

Turkey's classical sites can easily be combined with some relaxation on the coast with an itinerary from Istanbul to Marmaris or follow the Black Sea coast for charming ancient towns and Ottoman architecture. Alternatively, head into Antalia to marvel at the underground villages of Cappadocia or plan your own route with our interactive map below.

Black-Sea-Discovery-Itinerary-Main-TM-Tour-TurkeyBlack Sea Discovery - 7 days Map

Black Sea Discovery

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Explore the sites of enchanting Istanbul, then get off the beaten track and discover the dramatic natural...

Classical Turkey newClassical Turkey - 10 days Map

Classical Turkey

10 days | FROM AUD $6,495

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Aegean dreaming

Offering a thorough insight into the history, mythology and culture of Turkey’s greatest civilisations, the mighty ancient city of Ephesus is amazingly well-preserved and tells us much about what life is like under Roman rule. The resorts of Kusadasi, and Fethiye on the Mediterranean, make for a great beach break with a number of ancient sites of their own worth visiting, whilst the quieter towns of Sirince and Kas combine attractive settings with charming architecture.

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