Turkmenistan Visa Information

Visa Requirements

All nationalities require a visa to enter Turkmenistan and a Letter of Invitation is required in order to apply for a visa.

Letter of Invitation

Only registered agents in Turkmenistan can apply for a Letter of Invitation on your behalf. If you are travelling to Turkmenistan on one of our Central Asia Overland Adventures we will contact you to request information and then apply for the Letter of Invitation on your behalf through a local agent. The application for the Letter of Invitation is sent to the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ashgabat to be approved which can take 4-5 weeks. Once it has been approved the Letter of Invitation will be emailed to you and you can apply for your visa

Important things to note:
- The Letters of Invitation is issued to all of the people who applied on the same day through the same agent and all of the applicants names, passport numbers and nationalities will appear in a list on the document. Unfortunately this is standard procedure at the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we have no control over it. If you are unhappy about other applicants seeing your personal data then you will not be able to travel to Turkmenistan.

- There is a possibility that your Letter of Invitation may be rejected by the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they do not usually give a reason for rejecting applications, it's at their discretion. If you are travelling on one of our Overland Adventures and are unable to obtain a Turkmenistan visa, we will do our best to make alternate arrangements for you.

- As there is a risk of applications being rejected, we highly recommend bookings flexible flight tickets if you are flying into or out of Turkmenistan.

Visa Application Information

Once you have a Letter of Invitation you can apply for a Turkmenistan Visa, either at the local embassy or through a visa company. If you are travelling to multiple destinations in Central Asia we highly recommend using a visa company to coordinate all of the applications for you.

Visa on arrival
It is possible to get a visa on arrival if you are arriving into Ashgabat International Airport or you are on one of our Westbound Overland Adventures which cross into Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan, at the land border of Dashoguz. Please note that you will still need a Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa on arrival and the visa is only payable in USD cash - costs vary for different nationalities. Please note: Getting a visa on arrival can be very time consuming so we recommend getting a visa in advance if you are able to.

Applying for a visa in advance
We highly recommend that all travellers obtain their Turkmenistan visa in advance. On our Eastbound Overland Adventures which cross the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan, we arrive into Turkmenistan at the port of Turkmenbashi and they don't issue visas there so it's essential that you obtain one prior to travel.

Information required
If you need to provide an address in Turkmenistan on your visa application, please use the following:
Ak Altyn Hotel,
141/1 Magtymguly Avenue,
744000, Ashgabat,
Tel: +99 312 363 700

If you need to provide a host in Turkmenistan please use the details of the Turkmen agent that is noted on your Letter of Invitation.

Registering your visa
Your visa has to be registered within 3 days of entering Turkmenistan. Your tour leader can do this for you, you just need to provide them with 2 passport photos for the registration process.

Turkmenistan Visa Applications

For UK residents

Please use the embassy link below for visa forms and instructions.

Embassy of Turkmenistan
131 Holland Park Avenue, Kensington, London W11, 4UT
TEL: +44 (0) 207 6105239


Visa service for UK residents
If you're a resident of the UK and would like someone to handle your visa application for you then we recommend CIBTvisas. Please follow this link for more details on how to start your visa application with them -http://www.cibtvisas.co.uk/onthego

Turkmenistan Visa Applications

For US & Canadian residents

Please visit the relevant embassy link below for visa form and instructions. Canada does not have a Turkmenistan Embassy and therefore Canadian citizens will need to use the US embassy.

Embassy of Turkmenistan
2207 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008 USA
TEL: (202) 588 1500
Email: turkmenembassyus@verizon.net

Turkmenistan Visa Applications

For AU, NZ and SA residents

Unfortunately there is not a Turkmenistan embassy in Australia, New Zealand or South African. In order to obtain a Turkmenistan visa in advance you would have to post your passport to the UK or the USA which is not ideal.

If you are a resident of a country without an embassy we recommend that you obtain a visa on arrival by either travelling on one of our Overland Adventures that starts in Ashgabat or travelling on the Westbound version of any of our tours.

Immigration Fee

Regardless of whether you obtain your visa in advance or on arrival, you will also be charged an additional immigration fee upon arrival in Turkmenistan of approximately USD14 - 18. This will need to be paid in USD cash.

Visa Procurement

Please be advised that visa requirements are subject to change and that visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveller and not On The Go Tours. Please also ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of departure from Turkmenistan.

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