Popular Vietnam destinations

Combine the key draw cards of Vietnam in one tour

Vietnam is a fairly vast S-shaped country, and stretches some 1,000 kilometers from the North to it's Southern tip. There are some classic itineraries that include most of the big highlights in Northern, Southern and Central Vietnam, so you can see a lot of the country in one trip. If you want to explore Vietnam more in depth, consider visiting places like Sapa, Hanoi and Halong Bay in the North, spend a relaxing week exploring Hoi An and Hue in Central Vietnam or focus on the South, home to the Mekong River Delta and bustling Ho Chi Minh, formally know as Saigon.

We've been running tours to Vietnam for many years now and have put together a list of destination combinations in Vietnam which are often requested from our clients. If none of these match up exactly to what you are looking for, try searching through our tailor-made suggested itineraries to Vietnam.

Popular touring combinations in Vietnam

Vietnam has a bounty of wonderful places to visit and here are some popular touring combinations to help you choose the tour that's right for you