Made in Jordan

Travelling often presents us with great shopping opportunities and Pru Goudie from the On The Go Tours team discovered this is especially true in Jordan. Here she shares with us her find.

I had the privilege of travelling to Jordan this month and whilst I was there I visited a great shop with a fantastic story attached to it which I’d like to share:

The shop is called ‘Made in Jordan’ and is in Petra. It sells a load of hand-made garments, accessories and haberdashery made by poor women in Jordan. The project was set up by an inspirational lady called Raghad Hatahet who was already an experienced and expert embroiderer at the age of seventeen. She loved the traditional embroidered dresses that were going out of fashion in the towns in Jordan and made many of them for herself. Her friends and colleagues at the office where she worked admired them and she began making them for her circle of acquaintances. The demand grew very quickly, and as she needed more staff she realised how many local women with very little money had the leisure and the talent to work at embroidering at home.

So she set up classes and started training the local village women and now more than a hundred women work for her. She provides the embroidery designs, cuts out the pieces to be done and later collects the finished pieces to be assembled professionally. For many of the dresses she makes, machine embroidery is also added.

Raghad’s embroideries are not sold in many shops, except “Made in Jordan” based on the high street in Petra. If you’re doing a Jordan tour and visiting Petra be sure to visit the shop and remember anything you buy will be invested back into teaching the women of Jordan to embroider for a living.

And the wrap (photo attached) I bought really is ‘green’ as it’s made from recycled camel hair – how cool is that?!


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