Fine Dining in Croatia at Konoba Menego

Our man Andy Henderson visited Croatia recently and beside the beautiful islands, crystal waters and charming old towns he discovered a delightful cuisine. Here he shares one of his favourite restaurant finds on the popular island of Hvar.

During my visit to Hvar I discovered what may be the finest traditional restaurant in all of Croatia. It is named the Konoba Menego and the five hundred year old building has been in the same family for all that time. The building did fall into disrepair but has been restored and thankfully so. The food is extraordinary.

Konoba means cellar and as the bottom floor of the restaurant is situated in the old cellar this is rather fitting. Menego is to do with the family name. There is no pizza served or pasta as is common with all the other touristy restaurants found all over the main drags of Croatia. It is all smoked ham and pork, olives, pickled fish, octopus and cheese, cheese and more cheese. It is a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word but it is best to let the waiter (Ivan was the chap who served me on the several occasions I dined there and he was great) choose you a selection more in the style of tapas; then let the feast begin.

To find the Konoba Menego head to the main square of Hvar. With the water to your back and the bell tower dead in front make your way to the second last alley on your left. Proceed up the stairs and you will see a large wine barrel out the front printed with the name of the restaurant. Oh and they only have two types of wine, red and white. They make it themselves and it is excellent, although even better is the local spirit. But be careful! And one more thing, it gets super busy but in typical European fashion the locals don’t eat till late so get there before 8 pm and you will be fine getting a table.

Bon appetito!

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