My Journey to Jordan

Whenever someone mentioned Jordan I thought of 2 things, Indiana Jones and NBA Basketball. Now after being there recently I now think of Petra at night and day, the Dead Sea and Lawrence of Arabia’s Wadi Rum. My preconceptions of Jordan were similar to those of Egypt and boy, how wrong I was. Jordan is more modern than expected which I’m more comfortable with but it doesn’t divert from it’s natural wonders in anyway. A definite highlight for me was Petra by night. Over 2,500 candles illuminated the pathway on my way to the Treasury and you can imagine the dancing shadows on the rocky formations caused by the ambience of flickering lights, it made my experience even more personal with the sensory stimulation.

Jordan is a destination that should be on every intrepid travellers list and I would not hesitate in revisiting Jordan for a 2nd time.

By Will King

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