Tips for travelling in Egypt

Egypt is one of the best destinations I have ever travelled to. Being on a tour in Egypt is definitely the way to go though. I have a friend who tried to travel there alone – he travels solo everywhere. He found it really difficult. Egypt is a very safe country on a tour, however. When going alone it is almost impossible as most of the sightseeing and transportation have government regulations and registrations you have to stick to. I got the best value from being on a tour, with amazing hotels and guides. So well organized and easy.

Buy a moomoo (kaftan)! If you are unsure about privacy on a felucca I would highly recommend getting a brightly coloured moomoo at the markets in Aswan and wear it proudly. It becomes your change room, a sun block, is very cool and breezy, fun to dress up and for that age old fear of having to pee behind a tree it’s like having your own walls around you!!

By Emma McInnes

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