Trekking by Camel through Jordan

I will admit the thought of four hours on a camel was a little daunting at first. As we set out from our camp at Wadi Rum for our camel trek, I was sceptical. It took us all a little while to get into the motion of the camel riding, and soon it was a lot of fun. It was a great way to explore the amazing desert and let the camel do the walking for a day!

By Sally McKenzie

One comment on “Trekking by Camel through Jordan

  1. Wow 4 hours on a camel sounds full on. Glad you survived it Sally. I am unfortunately not so much of a fan. I once tried to take a camel ride for 20 minutes into the Morrocan Sahara, and in a procession of 14 camels my bleating friend went so far as to stand up with me on his back, then promptly bleat a complaint and then sat back down. Now i am of average height and weight so doubt that was the issue, but perhaps our dislike for each other was mutual. i decided to walk which was not the best choice resulting in blistered feet from the hot sand, though to do it in Jordan – wow!! I think i could reconsider my dislike. I dearly want to go to Jordan. I have never heard anyone coming back from Jordan and disliking it. Did it become comfortable after 4 hours Sally? It sounds like something I would have to settle into.

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