Hanging out in Cuzco

I absolutely loved this city, and I could easily have spent more time there. The architecture is lovely, with a definite European, colonial feel. If you feel like shopping, you’re in for a treat, with lots of lovely jewellery, handcrafts and art available. You can also get a quick massage and pedicure. I only paid 10 Soles for a pedicure – that’s £2.50 – and it was just the ticket after a long trek. They had their work cut out for them on my feet!

If you still have the energy, there’s a lot to do after-hours in Cuzco. If you’re in the mood to go clubbing, check out Mythology, Mama Africa and Inca Team nightclubs. They’re all great fun, especially because entry is free and you get a free drink. Alternate between them and you can have free drinks all night! Mythology even has free Salsa lessons before 11pm every night.

When it comes to food, the best place to eat is Jack’s Café. It doesn’t serve typically Peruvian fare (no Guinea Pigs here) but the pancakes with strawberries, peaches and lashings of cream are to die for, especially after a long trek in the Peruvian highlands.

I visited Cuzco as part of the Peruvian Poncho tour. It’s the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, and was declared a World Heritage site in 1983 by UNESCO. I hadn’t been to South America before, but I can’t wait to head back!

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