Impressions of Egypt’s Desert (2 minute read)

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2022)

Outside of the incredible ancient wonders, Egypt is a vast desert landscape where adventure awaits. I journeyed to two sections of Egypt’s great desert and would like to share my impressions of the sandy scenery here. Read on to find out more about the Western Desert and the more famous White Desert, both amazing places to explore.

Egypt’s Western Desert

The Western Desert in Egypt is magnificent. More than just a desert, the vast landscape has so much to offer with each of its oases presenting a wonderful and different perspective of this amazing country. Words cannot really describe it and photos do not seem to do it any justice (although I’ve included one here!). Well off the beaten track, you will need to experience it for yourself to realize how spectacular it truly is. And there’s no better way than in a 4×4 riding across the shifting sands and taking in the sight of the dramatic land forms.

Covering about 700,000 square kilometres between the Sudan and the Mediterranean, the Western Desert lies to the west of the Nile, and actually accounts for about two-thirds of Egypt’s total landmass.

Egypt’s White Desert

Camping out in the White Desert was amazing and definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Egypt. Our camp site was set up in the midst of the glistening white desert. As we approached, our ears were filled with the sound of light beating drums and traditional music sung by the local crew. Seeing the sunset over the vast landscape was breathtaking.

The meals were simple enough, but tasty and in plentiful supply. We started with an appetizing lentil soup starter, then devoured a succulent roast chicken and rice combo with an array of fresh vegetables. The after-dinner entertainment was sensational and everyone seemed so cheerful, with games, dancing and singing around the camp-fire before we retired under a blanket of stars.

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  1. The Western Desert was a highlight of our Egyptian trip. The scenery is amazing and so different from one area to another. I always thought an oasis was quite small, how wrong I was. Anyone traveling to Egypt should really try and add the Desert to their itinerary.

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