The On The Go Travel Writing Competition

We’re very proud to introduce the very first post in the Travel Writing Competition. First up we have Mr. Sam Oiberman, who sent us this inspired piece about the city of Moscow. If you’ve got a piece you’d like to share, mail it to us at

Moscow. It is the most populous city on the continent of Europe but to me it is completely exotic. On the other side of the world my alarm clock still stands on my bedside table. My crisply-ironed shirts hang in the cupboard and my television sits in the corner as it always has. But I am not at home. Instead I am standing in the middle of a busy square underneath a liquid silver sky. A candy cathedral pops out against the violent grey and I pause my whirlwind of exploration and discovery to take it in. The ground under my feet is steeped in history. I have experienced so much in just a few short days here, but have not seen nearly as much as the quiet stones beneath me. They have watched the Tsars waving down at them, draped in opulence. They have tasted the blood of revolution. They have known glittering snow and dusty gunpowder. Careless splashes of vodka and the dainty feet of ballerinas. And now…they have seen me.

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