Cooking up a storm in sunny Goa!

On my recent trip to India, I dropped in to see Judy Cardoza – who runs our cooking school set in a beautiful Portuguese villa, right on the banks of the Mandovi river in central Goa. Before we sat down for a ‘light’ lunch, as Judy put it, I asked her if she’d like to do a quick video about her cooking courses and the sorts of things she can teach you to cook.

Indian Cooking Classes in GoaIf you’re heading to Goa and have a mild interest in learning how to cook Indian food – I would highly recommend Judy’s 1-day course, suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Indian vegetarian food is simply delicious too – so worth sampling even if you are a staunch meat lover!  For those with a keener in interest in Indian cuisine and cooking it with confidence, Judy also offers 3 and 5 day courses, trips to local markets as well as the fabulous local spice gardens. She explores North Indian, South Indian and local Goan cuisine – which varies by the seasons as Goans very much live off the land – nothing like fresh produce! Fun and fascinating for both the first timer and the more experienced cook, Judy’s courses are designed to wean you off your recipe book and cook with ‘andaza’, meaning ‘approximation by experience’. You’ll soon be confidently turning out scrumptious Indian meals with accustomed ease.

As for our ‘light’ lunch – it was simply amazing …. four courses and a couple of chilled Kingfisher beers later, I sauntered back to my hotel for a typical Goan afternoon siesta! As Indian food goes – Judy’s fare was light and fresh – but of course I overate and overate and overate …. it was all just too good to resist!

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  1. I am bringing a food tour to India in OCtober 2012 and would like to tack on a three day stay in Goa with cooking classes and market tour. Please contact me

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