Getting a taste for the exotic in Beijing

Deep-Fried scorpions anyone? Alex (right) is not impressed...

For those who have never travelled to China, the experience can leave one feeling like you’ve just stepped into Opposite Land. Compared to what I’m used to, it was utterly different in every way. Being there certainly removed me from my comfort zone; but in a really good way. It’s good to be exposed to new cultures and totally weird experiences.

Embracing the differences between cultures is essential if you’re going to enjoy your trip, so with this in mind five of us headed off to down-town Beijing to try out some of the Night Market’s more exotic delicacies. I had no idea what I was in for!

Eating Pig Testicles in Beijing

We didn’t have to look far – on the right as we entered the market was a stall run by a man with a mischievous gleam in his eye, a man who clearly had no qualms about eating insects, arachnids or the flesh of domestic animals. And, as it turns out, he had rather a novel way of describing the health benefits of sampling his particular brand of culinary delights. It was going to take more than a grope while he insisted emphatically ‘Very strong, very strong!’ to convince me!

On The Go Tours’ Adventures in the Night Market, Beijing

So if you’re wondering about how deep-fried scorpions taste, think of crispy bacon: really crispy bacon. And pig testicles? They’re really tough and chewy and they have a rather unpleasant after-taste. That’s a definite thumbs down. I was rather pleased to sit down later on to a relatively normal meal of roast duck.

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