Life on the road in Morocco

Ait Benhaddou

Since seeing some fellow travellers’ photos of their experiences in the Sahara, I was inspired to visit it for myself. So when the chance to go to Morocco came up I jumped at it, and brought along my best friend for the journey too. I booked on to the 15 day Camels, Souks & Kasbahs overland adventure and I’m so glad that I did.

This was my first experience of overland travel, and I found it’s a great way to get back to basics and experience the culture whilst getting to know fellow travellers. On our first day we received our briefing about how life was going to be for the next two weeks. We had a roster system where everyone would have their turn cooking, cleaning and taking care of other basic duties. It worked really well; in fact when I was on duty I often had more fun!

I was one of the few that had never pitched a tent before, so I had to concentrate at our first campsite where everyone got a quick lesson. It wasn’t difficult though; before long we were tent-pitching experts! I was very happy with the facilities at the campsites too, some of which even had swimming pools – much appreciated in the Moroccan summer! The only time we lacked a bit of luxury was during the necessary toilet stops while we were on the road. There’s no way to describe it other than ‘Girls on one side of the truck and boys on the other.’ It was all part of the fun though, and definitely supplied us with a few laughs!

Relaxing after dark at the camp

The food in Morocco was fantastic. We spent a night in the coastal town of Essaouira and took the opportunity to go shopping for freshly caught seafood. It was such a treat to eat seafood that had been caught on the same day, and it made for a delicious evening meal. Mixed in with the meals we made were many trips to local restaurants, which was the perfect chance to try some local food.

One local meal that really sticks out was the Berber pizza’s. They reminded me of the calzone, and we couldn’t help asking for more! I really felt we got to taste a variety of food along the way, but my favourite had to be Moroccan tagines. Experiencing the local restaurants was a lot of fun. There was so much to choose from, and the prices were more than reasonable. In the mornings the Marrakech Square is full of fresh juice stalls, but hang around: by night it’s full of wonderful local restaurants.

Overall Morocco still remains a major highlight in my travels and can easily say it is one of my very favourite destinations. I plan to go back to visit the spots I missed out on and revisit the many places I explored on this trip. Each city in Morocco is so different and unique and they have so much character. I can’t speak highly enough of Morocco and the experiences I had there.

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