Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo, Southern China

A fantastic way to take in the amazing scenery in Yangshuo, Southern China, is to take a local bamboo raft down the Yudong River. The raft is made of about 10, 5 metre long large pieces of bamboo tied together. Two basic metal seats are fixed to the middle of the raft which are quite comfortable despite how basic they are. A local man manoeuvres the raft along the river with the use of a bamboo pole.

As there is no motor you’re able to enjoy the peacefulness of the river, watch locals going about their daily routines and take in the picturesque limestone outcrops on either side. (It’s extremely similar to the scenery at Halong Bay in Vietnam but inland.) To add to the enjoyment the locals pull up alongside you on similar rafts providing large bottles of local beer, soft drinks and food for sale. Just what you need to really relax! There were numerous points where you raft over a rapid which provides some excitement. A couple of these caused me to get rather wet but it’s just all part of the fun and experience!

Di Bignell

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