Wildebeest migration

Safaris in Africa drum up images of wide open grasslands teeming with animals and the Serengeti certainly lived up to this. As we traversed the immense savannah, zebra and gazelle were abundant. We spotted a couple of cheetahs and plenty of hawks and bustards, all relatively close and easy to see – well, once our driver had pointed them out to us!

The Kodak moments came thick and fast but none of us were prepared for the sheer volume of wildebeest as we headed into the Singita concession. We spotted some wildebeest on the drive to the lodge and within a few minutes, we were in the midst of half a million wildebeest grazing as they slowly moved forward in their migration. At this time of year they shouldn’t have been in this area at all, so it was an exceptional sight.

It is quite surreal when all you can see is wildebeest as far as the horizon in every direction. Watching them nod their heads as they meandered through the grass, we sat somewhat in awe of this mass movement of animals. Looking at them close up, they really are quite odd looking, with their hairy chins, long faces, manes and stripes on their necks.

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