Wildlife galore on the plains of the Masai Mara

The pride relaxing in the shade
The pride relaxing in the shade

The Masai Mara is the highlight of Kenya, typical savannah and acacia trees, meandering rivers (or streams depending on how much rain they have had) and wildlife galore. Cruising along in our comfortable land cruiser (well, bumping a bit over the rough tracks or massage as our driver told us) we started seeing wildlife almost as soon as we entered the park. Gazelles with their constantly swishing tails and zebra with their young foals were everywhere.

We continued on towards an area of trees and spotted a pride of lions, 2 lionesses and 3 cubs. As we got closer, the lionesses started chasing 2 warthogs, which hurtled away with the tails held upright. Giving up after a few minutes (a somewhat half-hearted chase), the lions seemed more intent on lazing in the sunshine but were rudely interrupted by an angry buffalo that chased them through the trees repeatedly. I didn’t think I would get to see lions running away from anything but they certainly moved fast to get away. Mind you, when the buffalo stopped chasing them and turned to look at us, I can understand why they ran. Our driver reversed out of the way somewhat hastily and we head on to open savannah, to more zebra, a herd of elephants and a few token giraffe.

Just another day in Africa

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