Perseids Meteor Shower

Wadi Rum, the setting for a great view of the Perseids Meteor Shower

I was lucky enough to witness the Perseids Meteor Shower from the deserts in Jordan last year. It was something I had read about and it really intrigued me. I got to see a magical country with so many fascinating sites, as well as satisfy my curiosity for the skies above.

If you haven’t heard of the Perseids meteor shower before, here’s a brief overview: having been noticed and watched for about the last 2000 years, this meteor shower gets its name from the area that the meteors appear to come from in the sky. Perseids means a descendant of Perseus (the meteors come from this constellation). We now know this phenomenon as the Perseids meteor shower. This is at its peak in August of each year.

We spent two nights in Wadi Rum desert so we had two chances to be able to watch the skies above. It was a surreal experience and the perfectly quiet desert was an ideal setting for our star gazing. At the peak of the shower you can usually see about 60 meteors per hour, and I certainly think we would have seen that. Not having seen a shooting star before, this was an amazing experience. On the first night in the desert we had an astronomer who explained about some constellations we could see, and they were just so clear from the desert. They had also set up a super powerful telescope so we all got to see Jupiter and its moons, which was really amazing!

My time in the Wadi Rum Desert and witnessing my first meteor shower was an amazing experience, and one that was really unique.

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