Tips for staying healthy abroad

Today Karen in New Zealand shares some of her top tips for staying healthy when visiting new places. Pack those vitamins! Thanks Karen.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people getting Delhi Belly or worse and sometimes with a change in climate and food this can’t be helped.

There are however some precautions that you can take prior to leaving your home and during your holiday to make sure that you make the most of your trip!

Before you go

–          Make sure you boost your immune system with Vitamin C; eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and avoiding fatty and processed foods will also give your body a boost.

–          Vaccinations – Speak to your Doctor about the destinations you are travelling to, the health risks and what injections you may need.

–          Don’t forget to take Travel Insurance and to pack a small medical kit.

In the Air

–          Drinks lot’s of fluids, avoid alcohol and caffeine on the plane

–          To reduce the risk of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) move around regularly rolling ankles, pointing toes forward and back, In flight magazine will usually have exercises to follow!

–          Take regular walks around the cabin.

On the Ground

–          Taking Garlic and Echinacea will also help with any Cold or Flu like symptoms.

–          Drink bottled water and also use this to clean your teeth, avoid any ice that’s been made from tap water.

–          A travel cushion will help catch some extra sleep on any long bus or train journeys, rolling your neck and frequent shoulder rolls can also stop any stiffness.

–          Avoid any salads, unpeeled fruit, uncooked or reheated food.

–          Make time in your itinerary on your first day to allow for any jet-lag.

On your return home please consult your doctor if you have been unwell whilst abroad on your trip. Remember after a trip of a lifetime you should only be bringing home fantastic memories, photos and souvenirs!

-Karen Peake

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