Goodbye Essaouira. We’re off to Marrakech!

The ocean view from Essaouira

Our Get Rid Of Me contest winner Katie Powell is on her way back to Marrakech after a minor detour to Essaouira. Read on!

We are off to Marrakech today! We wandered out yesterday to find the bus station to buy our tickets. When we arrived here we were kind of just let off the bus near a parking lot on a road. It didn’t seem like that was the bus station so when we went back yesterday to find the place to buy tickets we got a little lost. While we were wandering we walked past a school and all the kids were waiting around outside before school started. All of the kids were in little white lab coats. We couldn’t figure out if they were all growing up to be mad scientists’ or masters in the culinary arts either way Essaouira seems to be raising little geniuses.

Lone fisherman in Essaouira

On a side note it doesn’t seem that all kids in Moroccogo to school. Everywhere you go there are children trying to sell you packs of tissue or little toys. In Marrakech while we were eating dinner in the square this little business man about four years old came up to our table trying to sell us a little glowing airplane and our guide Brahim started talking to him. After they were talking for a minute Brahim bursts out laughing, of course we all wanted to know what was so funny. Brahim said he asked the kid why he wasn’t in school and the kid replied “I’m working” and gave Brahim a look like he was crazy for even asking!

Just finishing up breakfast and now off to pack up our bags. We’re going to take one last stroll on the beach before boarding the bus back to Marrakech!

-Katie Powell

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