Team Kevan in Jordan: the ‘Arabian Highway’ to Petra’s Treasury

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2022)

Our Get Rid of Me winners arrive in Jordan to a rock-star welcome, sample the local food, the local hospital (eek!), and experience the magic of Petra’s Treasury by night. It’s the Arabian Highway.

An overwhelmed Team Kevan arrive in Jordan

Jordan takes the lead by far with the best greeting at the airport! Sorry Andy! We were greeted like rock stars! Usually when you get off a plane you have a chance to go to the bathroom, check yourself out in a mirror, grab your bags and then go through to the other side where people are waiting to pick you up. But when we arrived, we walked off the plane and right into a HUGE “Team Kevan” sign! Not only was there a sign but there was fresh orange juice, chocolate cake, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!

The weather was even really nice for the drive from the airport to our hotel, which took

Katie and Evan in Jordan

about forty five minutes to get to. Unlike the other countries we have visited, Jordan’s landscape featured a lot more greenery. When we arrived to the hotel we were briefed on all our arraignments and had the afternoon to ourselves. We were told that the downtown area for shopping was about a twenty minute walk from our hotel and we decided since it was so nice outside that we were going to go get lost!

Later that night we ventured out again in a different direction to find somewhere for dinner. We found a mall with a food court and opted for some pizza. We had a large pizza and two pops for about seven dollars! Seemed like a great deal at the time! However, the next day I had the misfortune of visiting a part of Jordan that most tourists try to avoid! The hospital! The next day after having the pizza I wound up extremely sick. I started the day throwing up and ended the day throwing up. It was terrible. I was a Pepto Bismol ad, nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach and of course diarrhoea! I toughed it out all day while out with the group and managed to not slow down the tour. I tried all kinds of Jordanian methods to keep my stomach at bay like sage tea and a milk yogurt drink with salt. None of which worked and by six o’ clock I felt like I was dying.

Jordan’s national dish. What a spread!

We decided that since the next day we were going to Petra by bus, I couldn’t afford to be sick so off we went to visit the emergency room. To my surprise we were in and out of there within two hours. I am terrified of needles and I was absolutely dreading having someone shove a needle into my dehydrated body. To my surprise it was one of the smoothest pokes I’ve ever had. I’ll spare you a few other nasty details but all in all it was a good experience! Where I am from you would have had to wait two to three hours just to get seen by a doctor! Turns out I had food poisoning and I’ll be able to live to see the next five months of the trip!

Today we had an Amman city tour in the morning and in the afternoon we visited Mount Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Lands. When we arrived to Wadi Musa, we all went out to have the national meal that consisted of lamb, rice and bread with a yogurt sauce over top. Our guide had to call and give a two hour heads up that we were coming because the dish takes that long to make! You should have seen the size of the serving plates it came out on! One tray could have fed our entire group but they brought out three trays for us all to share!

Petra by night

After our dinner we did the Petra by Night and walked down a candle lit road to the “Treasury.” When we arrived at the “Treasury” we sat around and listened to Bedouin music and enjoyed a cup of tea. I might even go as far as saying it’s the best thing we’ve done so far on this trip! It’s up there with the camel ride in the Sahara! This was such a neat experience and I highly recommend that if you are in town on one of the nights that they run it that you take advantage of such a wonderful experience.

-Katie Powell

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