Where am I? Tel Aviv or Sydney?

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

As an Australian native, I found Tel Aviv, Israel to be remarkably cosmopolitan and oddly familiar. Are you heading to Tel Aviv? Start with a good restaurant by the sea and enjoy an intoxicating sunset over the Med; then see a play or musical performance in the evening, or watch a movie at midnight then go dancing until daybreak.

On the beach in Tel Aviv

This city, with sandy white beaches fringing its western shore reminds me so much of Sydney and the east coast of Australia. There is plenty to keep you busy with waterfront restaurants and coffee shops serving ethnic foods alongside gourmet dishes, dance bars and pubs where the music and drinks flow all night long. It’s also culturally rich, with theatres presenting classic and modern plays or amusing stand-up comedians, art galleries for introducing young artists, and established galleries displaying the works of the renowned or concert halls and wide-open parks where you can enjoy musical performances by musicians from Israel and abroad. Great beaches, pubs, cafés and entertainment are easy to find. Head for Tel Aviv port in the north, Shenkin Street in the city centre or the Florentine quarter in the south. Whichever way you walk, you will find plenty on offer.

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