Cooking my way around the world

When I am on holidays I love sampling the local cuisine. I am a little scared off if that involves fried bugs or the like; however I like to try the local specialties. Also when it’s possible, I love to try my hand at cooking by taking a cooking lesson. I love that you get to take home the recipes and enjoy the memories of your holiday at home.

I had the chance in Yangshuo, China to join in a half day cooking session where we prepared a three course meal. The Yangshuo cooking school was so beautiful; it was set in a house overlooking the perfectly green countryside. I don’t know how you wouldn’t enjoy yourself, even if you just sat and enjoyed the view instead of the cooking part! Three others on my group also joined in the class so it was a really fun way to spend our morning.  It was the first time I have ever cooked with a Zucchini Flower and was pleasantly surprised, both at me cooking it correctly and the taste! It was this cooking lesson that inspired my Asian themed banquet I put on for my friends when I got home – no-one went hungry that day! I love that you can be inspired on holidays and then use this to share a part of the holiday at home with those who couldn’t be on the holiday with you.

On my Totally Jordan tour I joined in the Petra Kitchen one night, this includes a 2 hour session where you help prepare a delicious Arabic meal which you then enjoy for dinner. The baba ghanoush was amazing along with Jordanian style pizzas which pleased kids and adults alike. It was the perfect dinner after a full day’s exploration in Petra that I had had that day, and prepared me for more stairs the following morning!

Sampling local food and being able to have a go at preparing your own meal is something I really enjoy and is another way I find to experience the culture in new destinations. To date I haven’t had any injuries in the kitchen, fingers crossed it stays that way!

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