Interview with the Egyptian State Tourist Office

A famous sight: the Sphinx and the pyramids

Recently we took the time to interview Mr. Khaled Ramy, Director of the Egyptian State Tourist Office. Who better to ask about what’s been happening in Egypt recently, and how the Egyptian tourism industry is faring after a very disruptive period?

On The Go Tours (OTG): Mr. Ramy, how many tourists are in Egypt at the moment? Are we seeing people return to Egypt?

Khaled Ramy (KR): There are approximately 25 000 Britons in Egypt at the moment, mainly in the Red Sea resorts. And, now that things in Egypt are back to normal, we are starting to see new people booking trips to Egypt. Egypt Air are introducing a new flight route from Heathrow Airport to Sharm el Sheikh from June 2011. This gives more choice to passengers, who can choose to start their holiday in one city in Egypt (like Cairo) and depart from another (like Sharm el Sheikh).

Camel rides in Egypt: all part of the fun!

OTG: Are all the tourist sites in Egypt open for business?

KR: Yes, all tourist sites are open for business. Also, many of the artefacts that were stolen from the Egyptian Museum and other sites in Egypt have miraculously been found. These things are precious to the Egyptian people and obviously a major attraction. We are very pleased to have found many of them and returned them to their rightful places.

OTG: Have local shops and business started to trade normally?

KR: Yes, supermarkets are well stocked, and all the banks are open and trading normally as well.

OTG: How safe is Egypt for tourists? Is there any extra security at all the tourist sites and on the city streets?

KR: Tourist police are patrolling all the regular sites as per usual. There is no heightened security presence at this time as it is not necessary.

If you’d like to get in touch with the Egyptian State Tourist Office yourself, drop them a line at

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