New Zealand earthquake: what you can do to help

The recent earthquake in New Zealand has devastated the city of Christchurch, and as the days go by the death toll keeps climbing. Rob Gill, from Travel Trade Gazette writes:

“New Zealanders observed a two-minute silence this morning to mark one week since the earthquake which devastated the major city of Christchurch.

Rescue teams in the South Island’s biggest city were among those who stopped work for two minutes at 12.51pm local time today – exactly seven days after the quake struck Christchurch and devastated much of the city centre including many of its landmark buildings.

The death toll has now reached 154, including four Britons, but authorities expect there could be as many as 240 deaths from the disaster.

New Zealand prime minister John Key called the two-minute silence a “show of unity” for the country’s 4.5 million population.

Members of a British specialist disaster team have also started to arrive in the country. The team’s task will be to help identify victims of the earthquake whose bodies were badly damaged in the earthquake.”

So what can one do to help? Well if you’re in or near London, the good folk at First Festival Travel have organised the Christchurch Earthquake London Fundraiser. They’re doing an excellent job raising money for the Red Cross. Pop down to The Castle Bar in Battersea or the Goldhawk Pub in Shepherd’s Bush on the 6th or March (that’s this Sunday) and help to support the Red Cross in New Zealand. You could also win some great prizes, including our King Tutankhamen tour to Egypt.

And if you’re not in London (or if you can’t get tickets to the event) you can donate to the Red Cross here.

Kia Kaha,
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