Team Kevan’s Top 10 tips for round-the-world travellers

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2016)

Here’s the latest from our travelling duo, Katie and Evan. After travelling across a substantial portion of the globe, here are the key things they have found indispensable on the journey so far.

Katie and Evan in Ephesus

1. A Good Travel Buddy

Having someone with you who will not drive you insane while being with them in confined spaces for long periods of time!

2. A  Positive Attitude

You need to be able to go with the flow: be prepared for things that may not go according to plan. For example, I was expecting something entirely different at the Hammam in Syria. I just went with it and had a great time!

3. Music

Find yourself a good music player! We are traveling with a 32gb IPod Touch.We were able to load endless amounts of music and downloaded a couple of TV series for us to watch on our long bus and plane rides. We even rented a movie through iTunes. It has a camera and being able to download few mindless games and have access to wireless internet on the move is a bonus!

4. Quick Dry Clothing

Evan and I purchased quick dry clothing for this trip. I bought a couple Under Armour shirts and Evan has a bunch of Arcteryx’s. We also have North Face cargo zip-off pants with pockets and they have been extremely handy! I use my pockets for tissue and hand sanitizer and Evan uses his for everything else I don’t want to carry such as the Flip video camera and our small camera.

We also bought Exofficio underwear which are very comfortable and quick dry too. I can’t stress enough about having quick dry clothing! If you are travelling for long periods of time and do not want to constantly be paying for laundry service this is the answer. Quick dry towels are a must too! You never know when you’ll end up at a beach or somewhere you might need to rent a towel. We also stocked up on Wigwam socks! Very nice on the toes.

Heading up the mountain the easy way!

5. Good footwear

Be sure to get something extremely comfortable because your feet are carrying you on your journey. I have Merrell walking shoes and boots and a pair of Keen sandals. Evan has a pair of La Sportiva boots and a pair of Converse. Having a cheap pair of flip flops to wear in showers and to walk to a pool or a beach is great to have on hand too!

6. Pack Sacks

You can buy these at any travel store or very easily make them yourself. My Aunt kindly made them for us for this trip. You may recall a previous photo of Evan and I wearing the big ones over our heads! Yup, that was us! We chose to leave our suitcases behind and travel with back packs. This is all about preference but if you are going with the back pack idea then be sure to get one that is comfortable! I have one from Mountain Equipment Co-Op and Evan has an Asolo. Both are very comfortable and extremely durable! When we check our bags onto the plane, we do not want to risk having a strap get caught on a belt and having it ripped off so we put our back packs in the large bags to prevent that from happening.  We also have small bags to pack inside our back packs. One for shirts, one for socks and underwear, one for electronics and one for toiletries. It makes it much easier to pack and keep everything organized!

7. A Reliable Day Bag

Having a day bag is very handy to put your camera, extra jacket, bottle of water and all kinds of other things you would like to use on a day trip in. I bought a brand of bags called Pacsafe I have a small back pack and a purse. These are bags specifically designed to make a pickpocket’s life hell. Every zipper clips and locks when you zip it up. It takes a second for you to open and they are not the cheapest accessory, but to have that extra piece of mind while walking down a crowded street is worth every penny. My purse strap has a piece of wire running through it and a wire mesh on the bottom to eliminate the risk of having someone use a knife to try and take the whole thing.

8. A camera

While you are travelling, you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. But let’s face it one day you are going to get old and you might end up having the memory span of a goldfish! Make sure you have a good camera that will help capture those memorable moments forever! For this trip we got a Canon T1I Rebel, a small Canon Power shot andOn the Go Tours provided a Flip camera for videos.

9. All in One Converter

Be sure to get yourself an all in one electrical converter. You can find these in travel stores and on the internet as well. Very useful if you are traveling to more than one country!

10. A smartphone (of course!)

The list could go on forever. This just gives you an idea of what we have found useful on our trip so far.  Maybe at the end of our trip we will have more tips and ideas for you! Stay tuned!

By Katie Powell

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