Experiencing Chinese cuisine

Some of the delicacies on offer in Beijing's Night Market

One of the things that people enjoy most about their visits to China is the amazing food. While in Beijing it is compulsory to visit the famous Wangfujing Night Food Market for a once-in-a-lifetime Chinese cuisine experience. As the name indicates it, the Night Market only opens after sunset. It is a long row of food stalls where smiling sellers invite you to try

Kasia picks up the goods

some of their rather unusual delicacies. Our group was a brave one and we all chipped in and bought a selection of deep-fried snacks.

As a starter we had water beetles, which looked like sugar-coated candies, but I knew they wouldn’t taste quite as good. So I closed my eyes, hesitated for a second and bit into something that reminded me of burnt popcorn. After couple of chews I decided it wasn’t actually that bad (for a bug, anyway).

Next came centipedes, bee cocoons, silk worms, grass hoppers, star fish and even snake skin – which was the least enjoyable part of our dinner (and still gives me goose bumps when I think about it). In my opinion scorpions were winners of the night, being the mildest in taste and enjoyably crunchy. After our exhausting feast we decided to opt for a boring and much less exotic dessert – waffles and ice cream!

It is highly unlikely I will be eating any of the above ever again, but it was a great experience and I don’t regret a bite!


PS. None of us had any tummy problems!

– Kasia Schulz

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