Making a pit-stop in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has to be a favourite destination of mine, and with friends heading over to Europe in the next few months they asked me if it would be worth stopping in Istanbul for just a day. I think they’d be better off with an Istanbul city stay, but told them the shopping alone is a draw (with maybe the best shopping anywhere in the world outside China!).

The only city to straddle two continents, Istanbul has a unique character and a deep history which reveals itself in different ways. From ancient Roman occupation to the

Cruising the Bosphorous, by Tim Flatley

Crusades to the Ottoman Empire to modern-day Islamic culture, Istanbul has been moulded by a range of different influences, resulting in a rich local culture, delicious cuisine

and unique shopping opportunities. Not only is Istanbul the divide between Asia and Europe but it is the Mecca for shopping in the Middle East if you like ‘markets’. Obviously there are a few amazing sites to see as well! For a shopper’s paradise there is no place better than Istanbul.

Coming up at the end of April is the annual ANZAC Day, a really important date in the calendar for Aussies and Kiwis, who head to Gallipoli – usually via Istanbul – to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought there in the First World War, and to all those who give their lives in the service of Australia and New Zealand. Along with paying tribute to wartime heroes, this is an excellent opportunity to explore Turkey and experience the culture before taking time to remember ANZAC Cove’s fallen heroes.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Turkey, you’re sure to have a memorable time!

– Miles Walker

2 comments on “Making a pit-stop in Istanbul, Turkey

  1. I completely agree with you that Istanbul has a unique character of its own and the history and the mysticism that surround Turkey leave us never wanting to leave the place.

  2. I also agree, Istanbul is a fascinating place with so many appealing attractions that draw us back in time to think of others who have gone before. And then of course for those of us who love shopping, what is better than a market?? 🙂

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