Two On The Go guides included in Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2011

Waleed in action in Egypt

We’re really pleased to announce that one of our very own Egyptian guides, Waleed Mohamed Kamouna, has been shortlisted in the Wanderlust World Guide Awards! From thousands of entries, the shortlist of five guides from across the world of travel has been announced by Wanderlust Magazine. What’s more, we’re pleased to let you all know that Sherif Hassan Mohammed has also been given a special mention as a Commended Guide for his brilliant work in Egypt.

Out of the 200 guides that were nominated from across the world, 15 of our guides from Egypt were included, as well as one from Jordan. Sherif has been given a special commendation, and Waleed has been shortlisted as one of the final five guides, and could go on to win some amazing prizes.

Expert tour guide Waleed Mohamed Kamouna

The top three guides will win the following:

1st prize: £ 5000

2nd prize: £ 2500

3rd prize: £ 1500

The prize money must be used in community development projects and is coordinated with Wanderlust and the guides, who will send updates as their chosen project develops.

The panel of judges includes some high-profile names, including legendary author Bill Bryson, photographer, author and wildlife expert Mark Carwadine, TV presenter Kate Humble, Travel Editor of the Daily Telegraph Graham Boynton, co-founder of Nomad travel stores Paul Goodyer, and editor-in-chief of Wanderlust Magazine Lyn Hughes.

The judges’ decision is based on the quality of the comments they receive from people who have travelled with the guides; they’re not just looking for ‘good’ guides, but for outstanding guides who are total experts in their field and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure passengers have a fantastic tour. If you have travelled with Waleed, please take the time to show your support for him by sending a comment to the judges at

And to all those who have already done so, thank you for your support!

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